Databricks Runtime 11.1 (unsupported)

The following release notes provide information about Databricks Runtime 11.1, powered by Apache Spark 3.3.0. Databricks released these images in July 2022.

New features and improvements

Photon is GA

Photon is now generally available, beginning with Databricks Runtime 11.1. Photon is the native vectorized query engine on Azure Databricks, written to be directly compatible with Apache Spark APIs so it works with your existing code. Photon is developed in C++ to take advantage of modern hardware, and uses the latest techniques in vectorized query processing to capitalize on data- and instruction-level parallelism in CPUs, enhancing performance on real-world data and applications—all natively on your data lake.

Photon is part of a high-performance runtime that runs your existing SQL and DataFrame API calls faster and reduces your total cost per workload. Photon is used by default in Databricks SQL warehouses.

New features and improvements include:

  • New vectorized sort operator
  • New vectorized window functions
  • New instance types and sizes across all clouds


  • Scala/Python UDFs are not supported by Photon
  • RDD is not supported by Photon
  • Structured Streaming is not supported by Photon

For more information, see the following Photon announcements.

Photon: New vectorized sort operator

Photon now supports a vectorized sort for when a query contains SORT_BY, CLUSTER_BY, or a window function with an ORDER BY.

Limitations: Photon does not support a global ORDER BY clause. Sorts for window evaluation will photonize, but the global sort will continue to run in Spark.

Photon: New vectorized window functions

Photon now supports vectorized window function evaluation for many frame types and functions. New window functions include: row_number, rank, dense_rank, lag, lead, percent_rank, ntile, and nth_value. Supported window frame types: running (UNBOUNDED PRECEDING AND CURRENT ROW), unbounded (UNBOUNDED PRECEDING AND UNBOUNDED FOLLOWING), growing (UNBOUNDED PRECEDING AND <OFFSET> FOLLOWING), and shrinking (<OFFSET> PRECEDING AND UNBOUNDED FOLLOWING).


  • Photon supports only ROWS versions of all the frame types.
  • Photon does not yet support the sliding frame type (<OFFSET> PRECEDING AND <OFFSET> FOLLOWING).

Photon: Supported instance types

  • dds_v5
  • ds_v5
  • eas_v4
  • eds_v4
  • eds_v5
  • es_v5
  • las_v3
  • ls_v3

Change data feed can now automatically handle out-of-range timestamps

Change data feed (CDF) now has a new mode for you to provide timestamps or versions past a latest commit’s version without throwing errors. This mode is disabled by default. You can enable it by setting the configuration to true.

Describe and show SQL functions now show Unity Catalog names in their output (Public Preview)

The commands DESC TABLE, DESC DATABASE, DESC SCHEMA, DESC NAMESPACE, DESC FUNCTION, EXPLAIN, and SHOW CREATE TABLE now always show the catalog name in their output.

Schema inference and evolution for Parquet files in Auto Loader (Public Preview)

Auto Loader now supports schema inference and evolution for Parquet files. Just like JSON, CSV, and Avro formats, you can now use the rescued data column to rescue unexpected data that may appear in your Parquet files. This includes data that cannot be parsed in the data type that’s expected, columns that have a different casing, or additional columns that are not part of the expected schema. You can configure Auto Loader to evolve the schema automatically when encountering adding new columns in the incoming data. See Configure schema inference and evolution in Auto Loader.

Auto Loader now supports schema evolution for Avro (GA)

See Configure schema inference and evolution in Auto Loader.

Delta Lake support for dynamic partition overwrites

Delta Lake now enables dynamic partition overwrite mode to overwrite all existing data in each logical partition for which the write will commit new data. See Selectively overwrite data with Delta Lake.

Information schema support for objects created in Unity Catalog

Information schema provides a SQL based, self describing API to the metadata of various database objects, including tables and views, constraints and routines. Within the information schema you find a set of views describing the objects known to the schema’s catalog that you are privileged the see. The information schema of the SYSTEM catalog returns information about objects across all catalogs within the metastore. See Information schema.

Informational constraints on Delta Lake tables with Unity Catalog (Public Preview)

You can now define informational primary key and foreign key constraints on Delta Lake tables with Unity Catalog. Informational constraints are not enforced. See CONSTRAINT clause.

Unity Catalog is GA

Unity Catalog is now generally available beginning with Databricks Runtime 11.1. See What is Unity Catalog?.

Delta Sharing is GA

Delta Sharing is now generally available beginning with Databricks Runtime 11.1.

Databricks to Databricks Delta Sharing is fully managed without the need for exchanging tokens. You can create and manage providers, recipients, and shares in the UI or with SQL and REST APIs.

Some features include restricting recipient access, querying data with IP access lists and region restrictions, and delegating Delta Sharing management to non-admins. You can also query changes to data or share incremental versions with Change Data Feeds. See Share data and AI assets securely using Delta Sharing.

Behavior changes

Sensitive properties redaction for DESCRIBE TABLE and SHOW TABLE PROPERTIES

The DESCRIBE TABLE and SHOW TABLE PROPERTIES commands now redact sensitive properties.

Job clusters default to single user access mode with Databricks Runtime 11.1 and higher

To be Unity Catalog capable, job clusters using Databricks Runtime 11.1 and higher created through the jobs UI or jobs API will default to single user access mode. Single User access mode supports most programming languages, cluster features and data governance features. You can still configure shared access mode through the UI or API, but languages or features might be limited.

Library upgrades

  • Upgraded Python libraries:
    • filelock from 3.6.0 to 3.7.1
    • plotly from 5.6.0 to 5.8.2
    • protobuf from 3.20.1 to 4.21.2
  • Upgraded R libraries:
    • chron from 2.3-56 to 2.3-57
    • DBI from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3
    • dbplyr from 2.1.1 to 2.2.0
    • e1071 from 1.7-9 to 1.7-11
    • future from 1.25.0 to 1.26.1
    • globals from 0.14.0 to 0.15.1
    • hardhat from 0.2.0 to 1.1.0
    • ipred from 0.9-12 to 0.9-13
    • openssl from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2
    • parallelly from 1.31.1 to 1.32.0
    • processx from 3.5.3 to 3.6.1
    • progressr from 0.10.0 to 0.10.1
    • proxy from 0.4-26 to 0.4-27
    • ps from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1
    • randomForest from 4.7-1 to 4.7-1.1
    • roxygen2 from 7.1.2 to 7.2.0
    • Rserve from 1.8-10 to 1.8-11
    • RSQLite from 2.2.13 to 2.2.14
    • sparklyr from 1.7.5 to 1.7.7
    • tinytex from 0.38 to 0.40
    • usethis from 2.1.5 to 2.1.6
    • xfun from 0.30 to 0.31
  • Upgraded Java libraries:
    • from 0.4.0 to 0.5.0

Apache Spark

Databricks Runtime 11.2 includes Apache Spark 3.3.0. This release includes all Spark fixes and improvements included in Databricks Runtime 11.1 (unsupported), as well as the following additional bug fixes and improvements made to Spark:

  • [SPARK-40054] [SQL] Restore the error handling syntax of try_cast()
  • [SPARK-39489] [CORE] Improve event logging JsonProtocol performance by using Jackson instead of Json4s
  • [SPARK-39319] [CORE][SQL] Make query contexts as a part of SparkThrowable
  • [SPARK-40085] [SQL] Use INTERNAL_ERROR error class instead of IllegalStateException to indicate bugs
  • [SPARK-40001] [SQL] Make NULL writes to JSON DEFAULT columns write ‘null’ to storage
  • [SPARK-39635] [SQL] Support driver metrics in DS v2 custom metric API
  • [SPARK-39184] [SQL] Handle undersized result array in date and timestamp sequences
  • [SPARK-40019] [SQL] Refactor comment of ArrayType’s containsNull and refactor the misunderstanding logics in collectionOperator’s expression about containsNull
  • [SPARK-39989] [SQL] Support estimate column statistics if it is foldable expression
  • [SPARK-39926] [SQL] Fix bug in column DEFAULT support for non-vectorized Parquet scans
  • [SPARK-40052] [SQL] Handle direct byte buffers in VectorizedDeltaBinaryPackedReader
  • [SPARK-40044] [SQL] Fix the target interval type in cast overflow errors
  • [SPARK-39835] [SQL] Fix EliminateSorts remove global sort below the local sort
  • [SPARK-40002] [SQL] Don’t push down limit through window using ntile
  • [SPARK-39976] [SQL] ArrayIntersect should handle null in left expression correctly
  • [SPARK-39985] [SQL] Enable implicit DEFAULT column values in inserts from DataFrames
  • [SPARK-39776] [SQL] JOIN verbose string should add Join type
  • [SPARK-38901] [SQL] DS V2 supports push down misc functions
  • [SPARK-40028] [SQL][FollowUp] Improve examples of string functions
  • [SPARK-39983] [CORE][SQL] Do not cache unserialized broadcast relations on the driver
  • [SPARK-39812] [SQL] Simplify code which construct AggregateExpression with toAggregateExpression
  • [SPARK-40028] [SQL] Add binary examples for string expressions
  • [SPARK-39981] [SQL] Throw the exception QueryExecutionErrors.castingCauseOverflowErrorInTableInsert in Cast
  • [SPARK-40007] [PYTHON][SQL] Add ‘mode’ to functions
  • [SPARK-40008] [SQL] Support casting of integrals to ANSI intervals
  • [SPARK-40003] [PYTHON][SQL] Add ‘median’ to functions
  • [SPARK-39952] [SQL] SaveIntoDataSourceCommand should recache result relation
  • [SPARK-39951] [SQL] Update Parquet V2 columnar check for nested fields
  • [SPARK-39775] [CORE][AVRO] Disable validate default values when parsing Avro schemas
  • [SPARK-33236] [shuffle] Backport to DBR 11.x: Enable Push-based shuffle service to store state in NM level DB for work preserving restart
  • [SPARK-39836] [SQL] Simplify V2ExpressionBuilder by extract common method.
  • [SPARK-39867] [SQL] Global limit should not inherit OrderPreservingUnaryNode
  • [SPARK-39873] [SQL] Remove OptimizeLimitZero and merge it into EliminateLimits
  • [SPARK-39961] [SQL] DS V2 push-down translate Cast if the cast is safe
  • [SPARK-39872] [SQL] Change to use BytePackerForLong#unpack8Values with Array input api in VectorizedDeltaBinaryPackedReader
  • [SPARK-39858] [SQL] Remove unnecessary AliasHelper or PredicateHelper for some rules
  • [SPARK-39962] [WARMFIX][ES-393486][PYTHON][SQL] Apply projection when group attributes are empty
  • [SPARK-39900] [SQL] Address partial or negated condition in binary format’s predicate pushdown
  • [SPARK-39904] [SQL] Rename inferDate to prefersDate and clarify semantics of the option in CSV data source
  • [SPARK-39958] [SQL] Add warning log when unable to load custom metric object
  • [SPARK-39936] [SQL] Store schema in properties for Spark Views
  • [SPARK-39932] [SQL] WindowExec should clear the final partition buffer
  • [SPARK-37194] [SQL] Avoid unnecessary sort in v1 write if it’s not dynamic partition
  • [SPARK-39902] [SQL] Add Scan details to spark plan scan node in SparkUI
  • [SPARK-39865] [SQL] Show proper error messages on the overflow errors of table insert
  • [SPARK-39940] [SS] Refresh catalog table on streaming query with DSv1 sink
  • [SPARK-39827] [SQL] Use the error class ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW on int overflow in add_months()
  • [SPARK-39914] [SQL] Add DS V2 Filter to V1 Filter conversion
  • [SPARK-39857] [SQL] Manual DBR 11.x backport; V2ExpressionBuilder uses the wrong LiteralValue data type for In predicate #43454
  • [SPARK-39840] [SQL][PYTHON] Factor PythonArrowInput out as a symmetry to PythonArrowOutput
  • [SPARK-39651] [SQL] Prune filter condition if compare with rand is deterministic
  • [SPARK-39877] [PYTHON] Add unpivot to PySpark DataFrame API
  • [SPARK-39847] [WARMFIX][SS] Fix race condition in RocksDBLoader.loadLibrary() if caller thread is interrupted
  • [SPARK-39909] [SQL] Organize the check of push down information for JDBCV2Suite
  • [SPARK-39834] [SQL][SS] Include the origin stats and constraints for LogicalRDD if it comes from DataFrame
  • [SPARK-39849] [SQL] fills missing new columns with null value
  • [SPARK-39860] [SQL] More expressions should extend Predicate
  • [SPARK-39823] [SQL][PYTHON] Rename as and add in PySpark
  • [SPARK-39918] [SQL][MINOR] Replace the wording “un-comparable” with “incomparable” in error message
  • [SPARK-39857] [SQL][3.3] V2ExpressionBuilder uses the wrong LiteralValue data type for In predicate
  • [SPARK-39862] [SQL] Manual backport for PR 43654 targeting DBR 11.x: Update SQLConf.DEFAULT_COLUMN_ALLOWED_PROVIDERS to allow/deny ALTER TABLE … ADD COLUMN commands separately.
  • [SPARK-39844] [SQL] Manual backport for PR 43652 targeting DBR 11.x
  • [SPARK-39899] [SQL] Fix passing of message parameters to InvalidUDFClassException
  • [SPARK-39890] [SQL] Make TakeOrderedAndProjectExec inherit AliasAwareOutputOrdering
  • [SPARK-39809] [PYTHON] Support CharType in PySpark
  • [SPARK-38864] [SQL] Add unpivot / melt to Dataset
  • [SPARK-39864] [SQL] Lazily register ExecutionListenerBus
  • [SPARK-39808] [SQL] Support aggregate function MODE
  • [SPARK-39839] [SQL] Handle special case of null variable-length Decimal with non-zero offsetAndSize in UnsafeRow structural integrity check
  • [SPARK-39875] [SQL] Change protected method in final class to private or package-visible
  • [SPARK-39731] [SQL] Fix issue in CSV and JSON data sources when parsing dates in “yyyyMMdd” format with CORRECTED time parser policy
  • [SPARK-39805] [SS] Deprecate Trigger.Once and Promote Trigger.AvailableNow
  • [SPARK-39784] [SQL] Put Literal values on the right side of the data source filter after translating Catalyst Expression to data source filter
  • [SPARK-39672] [SQL][3.1] Fix removing project before filter with correlated subquery
  • [SPARK-39552] [SQL] Unify v1 and v2 DESCRIBE TABLE
  • [SPARK-39806] [SQL] Accessing _metadata on partitioned table can crash a query
  • [SPARK-39810] [SQL] Catalog.tableExists should handle nested namespace
  • [SPARK-37287] [SQL] Pull out dynamic partition and bucket sort from FileFormatWriter
  • [SPARK-39469] [SQL] Infer date type for CSV schema inference
  • [SPARK-39148] [SQL] DS V2 aggregate push down can work with OFFSET or LIMIT
  • [SPARK-39818] [SQL] Fix bug in ARRAY, STRUCT, MAP types with DEFAULT values with NULL field(s)
  • [SPARK-39792] [SQL] Add DecimalDivideWithOverflowCheck for decimal average
  • [SPARK-39798] [SQL] Replcace toSeq.toArray with .toArray[Any] in constructor of GenericArrayData
  • [SPARK-39759] [SQL] Implement listIndexes in JDBC (H2 dialect)
  • [SPARK-39385] [SQL] Supports push down REGR_AVGX and REGR_AVGY
  • [SPARK-39787] [SQL] Use error class in the parsing error of function to_timestamp
  • [SPARK-39760] [PYTHON] Support Varchar in PySpark
  • [SPARK-39557] [SQL] Manual backport to DBR 11.x: Support ARRAY, STRUCT, MAP types as DEFAULT values
  • [SPARK-39758] [SQL][3.3] Fix NPE from the regexp functions on invalid patterns
  • [SPARK-39749] [SQL] ANSI SQL mode: Use plain string representation on casting Decimal to String
  • [SPARK-39704] [SQL] Implement createIndex & dropIndex & indexExists in JDBC (H2 dialect)
  • [SPARK-39803] [SQL] Use LevenshteinDistance instead of StringUtils.getLevenshteinDistance
  • [SPARK-39339] [SQL] Support TimestampNTZ type in JDBC data source
  • [SPARK-39781] [SS] Add support for providing max_open_files to rocksdb state store provider
  • [SPARK-39719] [R] Implement databaseExists/getDatabase in SparkR support 3L namespace
  • [SPARK-39751] [SQL] Rename hash aggregate key probes metric
  • [SPARK-39772] [SQL] namespace should be null when database is null in the old constructors
  • [SPARK-39625] [SPARK-38904][SQL] Add
  • [SPARK-39384] [SQL] Compile built-in linear regression aggregate functions for JDBC dialect
  • [SPARK-39720] [R] Implement tableExists/getTable in SparkR for 3L namespace
  • [SPARK-39744] [SQL] Add the REGEXP_INSTR function
  • [SPARK-39716] [R] Make currentDatabase/setCurrentDatabase/listCatalogs in SparkR support 3L namespace
  • [SPARK-39788] [SQL] Rename catalogName to dialectName for JdbcUtils
  • [SPARK-39647] [CORE] Register the executor with ESS before registering the BlockManager
  • [SPARK-39754] [CORE][SQL] Remove unused import or unnecessary {}
  • [SPARK-39706] [SQL] Set missing column with defaultValue as constant in ParquetColumnVector
  • [SPARK-39699] [SQL] Make CollapseProject smarter about collection creation expressions
  • [SPARK-39737] [SQL] PERCENTILE_CONT and PERCENTILE_DISC should support aggregate filter
  • [SPARK-39579] [SQL][PYTHON][R] Make ListFunctions/getFunction/functionExists compatible with 3 layer namespace
  • [SPARK-39627] [SQL] JDBC V2 pushdown should unify the compile API
  • [SPARK-39748] [SQL][SS] Include the origin logical plan for LogicalRDD if it comes from DataFrame
  • [SPARK-39385] [SQL] Translate linear regression aggregate functions for pushdown
  • [SPARK-39695] [SQL] Add the REGEXP_SUBSTR function
  • [SPARK-39667] [SQL] Add another workaround when there is not enough memory to build and broadcast the table
  • [SPARK-39666] [ES-337834][SQL] Use UnsafeProjection.create to respect spark.sql.codegen.factoryMode in ExpressionEncoder
  • [SPARK-39643] [SQL] Prohibit subquery expressions in DEFAULT values
  • [SPARK-38647] [SQL] Add SupportsReportOrdering mix in interface for Scan (DataSourceV2)
  • [SPARK-39497] [SQL] Improve the analysis exception of missing map key column
  • [SPARK-39661] [SQL] Avoid creating unnecessary SLF4J Logger
  • [SPARK-39713] [SQL] ANSI mode: add suggestion of using try_element_at for INVALID_ARRAY_INDEX error
  • [SPARK-38899] [SQL]DS V2 supports push down datetime functions
  • [SPARK-39638] [SQL] Change to use ConstantColumnVector to store partition columns in OrcColumnarBatchReader
  • [SPARK-39653] [SQL] Clean up ColumnVectorUtils#populate(WritableColumnVector, InternalRow, int) from ColumnVectorUtils
  • [SPARK-39231] [SQL] Use ConstantColumnVector instead of On/OffHeapColumnVector to store partition columns in VectorizedParquetRecordReader
  • [SPARK-39547] [SQL] V2SessionCatalog should not throw NoSuchDatabaseException in loadNamspaceMetadata
  • [SPARK-39447] [SQL] Avoid AssertionError in AdaptiveSparkPlanExec.doExecuteBroadcast
  • [SPARK-39492] [SQL] Rework MISSING_COLUMN
  • [SPARK-39679] [SQL] TakeOrderedAndProjectExec should respect child output ordering
  • [SPARK-39606] [SQL] Use child stats to estimate order operator
  • [SPARK-39611] [PYTHON][PS] Fix wrong aliases in array_ufunc
  • [SPARK-39656] [SQL][3.3] Fix wrong namespace in DescribeNamespaceExec
  • [SPARK-39675] [SQL] Switch ‘spark.sql.codegen.factoryMode’ configuration from testing purpose to internal purpose
  • [SPARK-39139] [SQL] DS V2 supports push down DS V2 UDF
  • [SPARK-39434] [SQL] Provide runtime error query context when array index is out of bounding
  • [SPARK-39479] [SQL] DS V2 supports push down math functions(non ANSI)
  • [SPARK-39618] [SQL] Add the REGEXP_COUNT function
  • [SPARK-39553] [CORE] Multi-thread unregister shuffle shouldn’t throw NPE when using Scala 2.13
  • [SPARK-38755] [PYTHON][3.3] Add file to address missing pandas general functions
  • [SPARK-39444] [SQL] Add OptimizeSubqueries into nonExcludableRules list
  • [SPARK-39316] [SQL] Merge PromotePrecision and CheckOverflow into decimal binary arithmetic
  • [SPARK-39505] [UI] Escape log content rendered in UI
  • [SPARK-39448] [SQL] Add ReplaceCTERefWithRepartition into nonExcludableRules list
  • [SPARK-37961] [SQL] Override maxRows/maxRowsPerPartition for some logical operators
  • [SPARK-35223] Revert Add IssueNavigationLink
  • [SPARK-39633] [SQL] Support timestamp in seconds for TimeTravel using Dataframe options
  • [SPARK-38796] [SQL] Update documentation for number format strings with the {try_}to_number functions
  • [SPARK-39650] [SS] Fix incorrect value schema in streaming deduplication with backward compatibility
  • [SPARK-39636] [CORE][UI] Fix multiple bugs in JsonProtocol, impacting off heap StorageLevels and Task/Executor ResourceRequests
  • [SPARK-39432] [SQL] Return ELEMENT_AT_BY_INDEX_ZERO from element_at(*, 0)
  • [SPARK-39349] Add a centralized CheckError method for QA of error path
  • [SPARK-39453] [SQL] DS V2 supports push down misc non-aggregate functions(non ANSI)
  • [SPARK-38978] [SQL] DS V2 supports push down OFFSET operator
  • [SPARK-39567] [SQL] Support ANSI intervals in the percentile functions
  • [SPARK-39383] [SQL] Support DEFAULT columns in ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMNS to V2 data sources
  • [SPARK-39396] [SQL] Fix LDAP login exception ‘error code 49 - invalid credentials’
  • [SPARK-39548] [SQL] CreateView Command with a window clause query hit a wrong window definition not found issue
  • [SPARK-39575] [AVRO] add ByteBuffer#rewind after ByteBuffer#get in Avr…
  • [SPARK-39543] The option of DataFrameWriterV2 should be passed to storage properties if fallback to v1
  • [SPARK-39564] [SS] Expose the information of catalog table to the logical plan in streaming query
  • [SPARK-39582] [SQL] Fix “Since” marker for array_agg
  • [SPARK-39388] [SQL] Reuse orcSchema when push down Orc predicates
  • [SPARK-39511] [SQL] Enhance push down local limit 1 for right side of left semi/anti join if join condition is empty
  • [SPARK-38614] [SQL] Don’t push down limit through window that’s using percent_rank
  • [SPARK-39551] [SQL] Add AQE invalid plan check
  • [SPARK-39383] [SQL] Support DEFAULT columns in ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMNS to V2 data sources
  • [SPARK-39538] [SQL] Avoid creating unnecessary SLF4J Logger
  • [SPARK-39383] [SQL] Manual backport to DBR 11.x: Refactor DEFAULT column support to skip passing the primary Analyzer around
  • [SPARK-39397] [SQL] Relax AliasAwareOutputExpression to support alias with expression
  • [SPARK-39496] [SQL] Handle null struct in Inline.eval
  • [SPARK-39545] [SQL] Override concat method for ExpressionSet in Scala 2.13 to improve the performance
  • [SPARK-39340] [SQL] DS v2 agg pushdown should allow dots in the name of top-level columns
  • [SPARK-39488] [SQL] Simplify the error handling of TempResolvedColumn
  • [SPARK-38846] [SQL] Add explicit data mapping between Teradata Numeric Type and Spark DecimalType
  • [SPARK-39520] [SQL] Override -- method for ExpressionSet in Scala 2.13
  • [SPARK-39470] [SQL] Support cast of ANSI intervals to decimals
  • [SPARK-39477] [SQL] Remove “Number of queries” info from the golden files of SQLQueryTestSuite
  • [SPARK-39419] [SQL] Fix ArraySort to throw an exception when the comparator returns null
  • [SPARK-39061] [SQL] Set nullable correctly for Inline output attributes
  • [SPARK-39320] [SQL] Support aggregate function MEDIAN
  • [SPARK-39261] [CORE] Improve newline formatting for error messages
  • [SPARK-39355] [SQL] Single column uses quoted to construct UnresolvedAttribute
  • [SPARK-39351] [SQL] SHOW CREATE TABLE should redact properties
  • [SPARK-37623] [SQL] Support ANSI Aggregate Function: regr_intercept
  • [SPARK-39374] [SQL] Improve error message for user specified column list
  • [SPARK-39255] [SQL][3.3] Improve error messages
  • [SPARK-39321] [SQL] Refactor TryCast to use RuntimeReplaceable
  • [SPARK-39406] [PYTHON] Accept NumPy array in createDataFrame
  • [SPARK-39267] [SQL] Clean up dsl unnecessary symbol
  • [SPARK-39171] [SQL] Unify the Cast expression
  • [SPARK-28330] [SQL] Support ANSI SQL: result offset clause in query expression
  • [SPARK-39203] [SQL] Rewrite table location to absolute URI based on database URI
  • [SPARK-39313] [SQL] toCatalystOrdering should fail if V2Expression can not be translated
  • [SPARK-39301] [SQL][PYTHON] Leverage LocalRelation and respect Arrow batch size in createDataFrame with Arrow optimization
  • [SPARK-39400] [SQL] spark-sql should remove hive resource dir in all case

Maintenance updates

See Databricks Runtime 11.1 maintenance updates.

System environment

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
  • Java: Zulu
  • Scala: 2.12.14
  • Python: 3.9.5
  • R: 4.1.3
  • Delta Lake: 1.2.1

Installed Python libraries

Library Version Library Version Library Version
Antergos Linux 2015.10 (ISO-Rolling) argon2-cffi 20.1.0 async-generator 1.10
attrs 21.2.0 backcall 0.2.0 backports.entry-points-selectable 1.1.1
black 22.3.0 bleach 4.0.0 boto3 1.21.18
botocore 1.24.18 certifi 2021.10.8 cffi 1.14.6
chardet 4.0.0 charset-normalizer 2.0.4 click 8.0.3
cryptography 3.4.8 cycler 0.10.0 Cython 0.29.24
dbus-python 1.2.16 debugpy 1.4.1 decorator 5.1.0
defusedxml 0.7.1 distlib 0.3.5 distro-info 0.23ubuntu1
entrypoints 0.3 facets-overview 1.0.0 filelock 3.8.0
idna 3.2 ipykernel 6.12.1 ipython 7.32.0
ipython-genutils 0.2.0 ipywidgets 7.7.0 jedi 0.18.0
Jinja2 2.11.3 jmespath 0.10.0 joblib 1.0.1
jsonschema 3.2.0 jupyter-client 6.1.12 jupyter-core 4.8.1
jupyterlab-pygments 0.1.2 jupyterlab-widgets 1.0.0 kiwisolver 1.3.1
MarkupSafe 2.0.1 matplotlib 3.4.3 matplotlib-inline 0.1.2
mistune 0.8.4 mypy-extensions 0.4.3 nbclient 0.5.3
nbconvert 6.1.0 nbformat 5.1.3 nest-asyncio 1.5.1
notebook 6.4.5 numpy 1.20.3 packaging 21.0
pandas 1.3.4 pandocfilters 1.4.3 parso 0.8.2
pathspec 0.9.0 patsy 0.5.2 pexpect 4.8.0
pickleshare 0.7.5 Pillow 8.4.0 pip 21.2.4
platformdirs 2.5.2 plotly 5.9.0 prometheus-client 0.11.0
prompt-toolkit 3.0.20 protobuf 4.21.5 psutil 5.8.0
psycopg2 2.9.3 ptyprocess 0.7.0 pyarrow 7.0.0
pycparser 2.20 Pygments 2.10.0 PyGObject 3.36.0
pyodbc 4.0.31 pyparsing 3.0.4 pyrsistent 0.18.0
python-apt 2.0.0+ubuntu0.20.4.7 python-dateutil 2.8.2 pytz 2021.3
pyzmq 22.2.1 requests 2.26.0 requests-unixsocket 0.2.0
s3transfer 0.5.2 scikit-learn 0.24.2 scipy 1.7.1
seaborn 0.11.2 Send2Trash 1.8.0 setuptools 58.0.4
six 1.16.0 ssh-import-id 5.10 statsmodels 0.12.2
tenacity 8.0.1 terminado 0.9.4 testpath 0.5.0
threadpoolctl 2.2.0 tokenize-rt 4.2.1 tomli 2.0.1
tornado 6.1 traitlets 5.1.0 typing-extensions
unattended-upgrades 0.1 urllib3 1.26.7 virtualenv 20.8.0
wcwidth 0.2.5 webencodings 0.5.1 wheel 0.37.0
widgetsnbextension 3.6.0

Installed R libraries

R libraries are installed from the Microsoft CRAN snapshot on 2022-08-15.

Library Version Library Version Library Version
askpass 1.1 assertthat 0.2.1 backports 1.4.1
base 4.1.3 base64enc 0.1-3 bit 4.0.4
bit64 4.0.5 blob 1.2.3 boot 1.3-28
brew 1.0-7 brio 1.1.3 broom 1.0.0
bslib 0.4.0 cachem 1.0.6 callr 3.7.1
caret 6.0-93 cellranger 1.1.0 chron 2.3-57
class 7.3-20 cli 3.3.0 clipr 0.8.0
cluster 2.1.3 codetools 0.2-18 colorspace 2.0-3
commonmark 1.8.0 compiler 4.1.3 config 0.3.1
cpp11 0.4.2 crayon 1.5.1 credentials 1.3.2
curl 4.3.2 data.table 1.14.2 datasets 4.1.3
DBI 1.1.3 dbplyr 2.2.1 desc 1.4.1
devtools 2.4.4 diffobj 0.3.5 digest 0.6.29
downlit 0.4.2 dplyr 1.0.9 dtplyr 1.2.1
e1071 1.7-11 ellipsis 0.3.2 evaluate 0.16
fansi 1.0.3 farver 2.1.1 fastmap 1.1.0
fontawesome 0.3.0 forcats 0.5.1 foreach 1.5.2
foreign 0.8-82 forge 0.2.0 fs 1.5.2
future 1.27.0 future.apply 1.9.0 gargle 1.2.0
generics 0.1.3 gert 1.7.0 ggplot2 3.3.6
gh 1.3.0 gitcreds 0.1.1 glmnet 4.1-4
globals 0.16.0 glue 1.6.2 googledrive 2.0.0
googlesheets4 1.0.1 gower 1.0.0 graphics 4.1.3
grDevices 4.1.3 grid 4.1.3 gridExtra 2.3
gsubfn 0.7 gtable 0.3.0 hardhat 1.2.0
haven 2.5.0 highr 0.9 hms 1.1.1
htmltools 0.5.3 htmlwidgets 1.5.4 httpuv 1.6.5
httr 1.4.3 ids 1.0.1 ini 0.3.1
ipred 0.9-13 isoband 0.2.5 iterators 1.0.14
jquerylib 0.1.4 jsonlite 1.8.0 KernSmooth 2.23-20
knitr 1.39 labeling 0.4.2 later 1.3.0
lattice 0.20-45 lava 1.6.10 lifecycle 1.0.1
listenv 0.8.0 lubridate 1.8.0 magrittr 2.0.3
markdown 1.1 MASS 7.3-56 Matrix 1.4-1
memoise 2.0.1 methods 4.1.3 mgcv 1.8-40
mime 0.12 miniUI ModelMetrics
modelr 0.1.8 munsell 0.5.0 nlme 3.1-157
nnet 7.3-17 numDeriv 2016.8-1.1 openssl 2.0.2
parallel 4.1.3 parallelly 1.32.1 pillar 1.8.0
pkgbuild 1.3.1 pkgconfig 2.0.3 pkgdown 2.0.6
pkgload 1.3.0 plogr 0.2.0 plyr 1.8.7
praise 1.0.0 prettyunits 1.1.1 pROC 1.18.0
processx 3.7.0 prodlim 2019.11.13 profvis 0.3.7
progress 1.2.2 progressr 0.10.1 promises
proto 1.0.0 proxy 0.4-27 ps 1.7.1
purrr 0.3.4 r2d3 0.2.6 R6 2.5.1
ragg 1.2.2 randomForest 4.7-1.1 rappdirs 0.3.3
rcmdcheck 1.4.0 RColorBrewer 1.1-3 Rcpp 1.0.9
RcppEigen readr 2.1.2 readxl 1.4.0
recipes 1.0.1 rematch 1.0.1 rematch2 2.1.2
remotes 2.4.2 reprex 2.0.1 reshape2 1.4.4
rlang 1.0.4 rmarkdown 2.14 RODBC 1.3-19
roxygen2 7.2.1 rpart 4.1.16 rprojroot 2.0.3
Rserve 1.8-11 RSQLite 2.2.15 rstudioapi 0.13
rversions 2.1.1 rvest 1.0.2 sass 0.4.2
scales 1.2.0 selectr 0.4-2 sessioninfo 1.2.2
shape 1.4.6 shiny 1.7.2 sourcetools 0.1.7
sparklyr 1.7.7 SparkR 3.3.0 spatial 7.3-11
splines 4.1.3 sqldf 0.4-11 SQUAREM 2021.1
stats 4.1.3 stats4 4.1.3 stringi 1.7.8
stringr 1.4.0 survival 3.2-13 sys 3.4
systemfonts 1.0.4 tcltk 4.1.3 testthat 3.1.4
textshaping 0.3.6 tibble 3.1.8 tidyr 1.2.0
tidyselect 1.1.2 tidyverse 1.3.2 timeDate 4021.104
tinytex 0.40 tools 4.1.3 tzdb 0.3.0
urlchecker 1.0.1 usethis 2.1.6 utf8 1.2.2
utils 4.1.3 uuid 1.1-0 vctrs 0.4.1
viridisLite 0.4.0 vroom 1.5.7 waldo 0.4.0
whisker 0.4 withr 2.5.0 xfun 0.32
xml2 1.3.3 xopen 1.0.0 xtable 1.8-4
yaml 2.3.5 zip 2.2.0

Installed Java and Scala libraries (Scala 2.12 cluster version)

Group ID Artifact ID Version
antlr antlr 2.7.7
com.amazonaws amazon-kinesis-client 1.12.0
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-autoscaling 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cloudformation 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cloudfront 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cloudhsm 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cloudsearch 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cloudtrail 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cloudwatch 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cloudwatchmetrics 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-codedeploy 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cognitoidentity 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-cognitosync 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-config 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-core 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-datapipeline 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-directconnect 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-directory 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-dynamodb 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-ec2 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-ecs 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-efs 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-elasticache 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-elasticbeanstalk 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-elasticloadbalancing 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-elastictranscoder 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-emr 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-glacier 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-glue 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-iam 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-importexport 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-kinesis 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-kms 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-lambda 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-logs 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-machinelearning 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-opsworks 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-rds 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-redshift 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-route53 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-s3 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-ses 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-simpledb 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-simpleworkflow 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-sns 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-sqs 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-ssm 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-storagegateway 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-sts 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-support 1.12.189
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-swf-libraries 1.11.22
com.amazonaws aws-java-sdk-workspaces 1.12.189
com.amazonaws jmespath-java 1.12.189
com.chuusai shapeless_2.12 2.3.3 stream 2.9.6
com.databricks Rserve 1.8-3
com.databricks jets3t 0.7.1-0
com.databricks.scalapb compilerplugin_2.12 0.4.15-10
com.databricks.scalapb scalapb-runtime_2.12 0.4.15-10
com.esotericsoftware kryo-shaded 4.0.2
com.esotericsoftware minlog 1.3.0
com.fasterxml classmate 1.3.4
com.fasterxml.jackson.core jackson-annotations 2.13.3
com.fasterxml.jackson.core jackson-core 2.13.3
com.fasterxml.jackson.core jackson-databind 2.13.3
com.fasterxml.jackson.dataformat jackson-dataformat-cbor 2.13.3
com.fasterxml.jackson.datatype jackson-datatype-joda 2.13.3
com.fasterxml.jackson.datatype jackson-datatype-jsr310 2.13.3
com.fasterxml.jackson.module jackson-module-paranamer 2.13.3
com.fasterxml.jackson.module jackson-module-scala_2.12 2.13.3
com.github.ben-manes.caffeine caffeine 2.3.4
com.github.fommil jniloader 1.1
com.github.fommil.netlib core 1.1.2
com.github.fommil.netlib native_ref-java 1.1
com.github.fommil.netlib native_ref-java-natives 1.1
com.github.fommil.netlib native_system-java 1.1
com.github.fommil.netlib native_system-java-natives 1.1
com.github.fommil.netlib netlib-native_ref-linux-x86_64-natives 1.1
com.github.fommil.netlib netlib-native_system-linux-x86_64-natives 1.1
com.github.luben zstd-jni 1.5.2-1
com.github.wendykierp JTransforms 3.1 jsr305 3.0.0 gson 2.8.6 tink 1.6.1 flatbuffers-java 1.12.0 guava 15.0 protobuf-java 2.6.1
com.h2database h2 2.0.204
com.helger profiler 1.1.1
com.jcraft jsch 0.1.50
com.jolbox bonecp 0.8.0.RELEASE
com.lihaoyi sourcecode_2.12 0.1.9 azure-data-lake-store-sdk 2.3.9
com.ning compress-lzf 1.1
com.sun.mail javax.mail 1.5.2
com.tdunning json 1.8
com.thoughtworks.paranamer paranamer 2.8
com.trueaccord.lenses lenses_2.12 0.4.12
com.twitter chill-java 0.10.0
com.twitter chill_2.12 0.10.0
com.twitter util-app_2.12 7.1.0
com.twitter util-core_2.12 7.1.0
com.twitter util-function_2.12 7.1.0
com.twitter util-jvm_2.12 7.1.0
com.twitter util-lint_2.12 7.1.0
com.twitter util-registry_2.12 7.1.0
com.twitter util-stats_2.12 7.1.0
com.typesafe config 1.2.1
com.typesafe.scala-logging scala-logging_2.12 3.7.2
com.uber h3 3.7.0
com.univocity univocity-parsers 2.9.1
com.zaxxer HikariCP 4.0.3
commons-cli commons-cli 1.5.0
commons-codec commons-codec 1.15
commons-collections commons-collections 3.2.2
commons-dbcp commons-dbcp 1.4
commons-fileupload commons-fileupload 1.3.3
commons-httpclient commons-httpclient 3.1
commons-io commons-io 2.11.0
commons-lang commons-lang 2.6
commons-logging commons-logging 1.1.3
commons-pool commons-pool 1.5.4
dev.ludovic.netlib arpack 2.2.1
dev.ludovic.netlib blas 2.2.1
dev.ludovic.netlib lapack 2.2.1
hadoop3 jets3t-0.7 liball_deps_2.12
info.ganglia.gmetric4j gmetric4j 1.0.10
io.airlift aircompressor 0.21 delta-sharing-spark_2.12 0.5.0
io.dropwizard.metrics metrics-core 4.1.1
io.dropwizard.metrics metrics-graphite 4.1.1
io.dropwizard.metrics metrics-healthchecks 4.1.1
io.dropwizard.metrics metrics-jetty9 4.1.1
io.dropwizard.metrics metrics-jmx 4.1.1
io.dropwizard.metrics metrics-json 4.1.1
io.dropwizard.metrics metrics-jvm 4.1.1
io.dropwizard.metrics metrics-servlets 4.1.1
io.netty netty-all 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-buffer 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-codec 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-common 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-handler 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-resolver 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-tcnative-classes 2.0.48.Final
io.netty netty-transport 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-transport-classes-epoll 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-transport-classes-kqueue 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-transport-native-epoll-linux-aarch_64 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-transport-native-epoll-linux-x86_64 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-transport-native-kqueue-osx-aarch_64 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-transport-native-kqueue-osx-x86_64 4.1.74.Final
io.netty netty-transport-native-unix-common 4.1.74.Final
io.prometheus simpleclient 0.7.0
io.prometheus simpleclient_common 0.7.0
io.prometheus simpleclient_dropwizard 0.7.0
io.prometheus simpleclient_pushgateway 0.7.0
io.prometheus simpleclient_servlet 0.7.0
io.prometheus.jmx collector 0.12.0
jakarta.annotation jakarta.annotation-api 1.3.5
jakarta.servlet jakarta.servlet-api 4.0.3
jakarta.validation jakarta.validation-api 2.0.2 2.1.6
javax.activation activation 1.1.1
javax.annotation javax.annotation-api 1.3.2
javax.el javax.el-api 2.2.4
javax.jdo jdo-api 3.0.1
javax.transaction jta 1.1
javax.transaction transaction-api 1.1
javax.xml.bind jaxb-api 2.2.11
javolution javolution 5.5.1
jline jline 2.14.6
joda-time joda-time 2.10.13
mvn hadoop3 liball_deps_2.12 jna 5.8.0
net.razorvine pickle 1.2
net.sf.jpam jpam 1.1
net.sf.opencsv opencsv 2.3
net.sf.supercsv super-csv 2.2.0
net.snowflake snowflake-ingest-sdk 0.9.6
net.snowflake snowflake-jdbc 3.13.14
net.snowflake spark-snowflake_2.12 2.10.0-spark_3.2
net.sourceforge.f2j arpack_combined_all 0.1
org.acplt.remotetea remotetea-oncrpc 1.1.2
org.antlr ST4 4.0.4
org.antlr antlr-runtime 3.5.2
org.antlr antlr4-runtime 4.8
org.antlr stringtemplate 3.2.1
org.apache.ant ant 1.9.2
org.apache.ant ant-jsch 1.9.2
org.apache.ant ant-launcher 1.9.2
org.apache.arrow arrow-format 7.0.0
org.apache.arrow arrow-memory-core 7.0.0
org.apache.arrow arrow-memory-netty 7.0.0
org.apache.arrow arrow-vector 7.0.0
org.apache.avro avro 1.11.0
org.apache.avro avro-ipc 1.11.0
org.apache.avro avro-mapred 1.11.0
org.apache.commons commons-collections4 4.4
org.apache.commons commons-compress 1.21
org.apache.commons commons-crypto 1.1.0
org.apache.commons commons-lang3 3.12.0
org.apache.commons commons-math3 3.6.1
org.apache.commons commons-text 1.9
org.apache.curator curator-client 2.13.0
org.apache.curator curator-framework 2.13.0
org.apache.curator curator-recipes 2.13.0
org.apache.derby derby
org.apache.hadoop hadoop-client-api 3.3.2-databricks
org.apache.hadoop hadoop-client-runtime 3.3.2
org.apache.hive hive-beeline 2.3.9
org.apache.hive hive-cli 2.3.9
org.apache.hive hive-jdbc 2.3.9
org.apache.hive hive-llap-client 2.3.9
org.apache.hive hive-llap-common 2.3.9
org.apache.hive hive-serde 2.3.9
org.apache.hive hive-shims 2.3.9
org.apache.hive hive-storage-api 2.7.2
org.apache.hive.shims hive-shims-0.23 2.3.9
org.apache.hive.shims hive-shims-common 2.3.9
org.apache.hive.shims hive-shims-scheduler 2.3.9
org.apache.httpcomponents httpclient 4.5.13
org.apache.httpcomponents httpcore 4.4.14
org.apache.ivy ivy 2.5.0
org.apache.logging.log4j log4j-1.2-api 2.17.2
org.apache.logging.log4j log4j-api 2.17.2
org.apache.logging.log4j log4j-core 2.17.2
org.apache.logging.log4j log4j-slf4j-impl 2.17.2
org.apache.mesos mesos-shaded-protobuf 1.4.0
org.apache.orc orc-core 1.7.5
org.apache.orc orc-mapreduce 1.7.5
org.apache.orc orc-shims 1.7.5
org.apache.parquet parquet-column 1.12.0-databricks-0004
org.apache.parquet parquet-common 1.12.0-databricks-0004
org.apache.parquet parquet-encoding 1.12.0-databricks-0004
org.apache.parquet parquet-format-structures 1.12.0-databricks-0004
org.apache.parquet parquet-hadoop 1.12.0-databricks-0004
org.apache.parquet parquet-jackson 1.12.0-databricks-0004
org.apache.thrift libfb303 0.9.3
org.apache.thrift libthrift 0.12.0
org.apache.xbean xbean-asm9-shaded 4.20
org.apache.yetus audience-annotations 0.5.0
org.apache.zookeeper zookeeper 3.6.2
org.apache.zookeeper zookeeper-jute 3.6.2
org.checkerframework checker-qual 3.5.0
org.codehaus.jackson jackson-core-asl 1.9.13
org.codehaus.jackson jackson-mapper-asl 1.9.13
org.codehaus.janino commons-compiler 3.0.16
org.codehaus.janino janino 3.0.16
org.datanucleus datanucleus-api-jdo 4.2.4
org.datanucleus datanucleus-core 4.1.17
org.datanucleus datanucleus-rdbms 4.1.19
org.datanucleus javax.jdo 3.2.0-m3
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-client 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-continuation 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-http 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-io 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-jndi 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-plus 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-proxy 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-security 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-server 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-servlet 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-servlets 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-util 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-util-ajax 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-webapp 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty jetty-xml 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty.websocket websocket-api 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty.websocket websocket-client 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty.websocket websocket-common 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty.websocket websocket-server 9.4.46.v20220331
org.eclipse.jetty.websocket websocket-servlet 9.4.46.v20220331
org.fusesource.leveldbjni leveldbjni-all 1.8
org.glassfish.hk2 hk2-api 2.6.1
org.glassfish.hk2 hk2-locator 2.6.1
org.glassfish.hk2 hk2-utils 2.6.1
org.glassfish.hk2 osgi-resource-locator 1.0.3
org.glassfish.hk2.external aopalliance-repackaged 2.6.1
org.glassfish.hk2.external jakarta.inject 2.6.1
org.glassfish.jersey.containers jersey-container-servlet 2.34
org.glassfish.jersey.containers jersey-container-servlet-core 2.34
org.glassfish.jersey.core jersey-client 2.34
org.glassfish.jersey.core jersey-common 2.34
org.glassfish.jersey.core jersey-server 2.34
org.glassfish.jersey.inject jersey-hk2 2.34
org.hibernate.validator hibernate-validator 6.1.0.Final
org.javassist javassist 3.25.0-GA
org.jboss.logging jboss-logging 3.3.2.Final
org.jdbi jdbi 2.63.1
org.jetbrains annotations 17.0.0
org.joda joda-convert 1.7
org.jodd jodd-core 3.5.2
org.json4s json4s-ast_2.12 3.7.0-M11
org.json4s json4s-core_2.12 3.7.0-M11
org.json4s json4s-jackson_2.12 3.7.0-M11
org.json4s json4s-scalap_2.12 3.7.0-M11
org.lz4 lz4-java 1.8.0
org.mariadb.jdbc mariadb-java-client 2.7.4
org.mlflow mlflow-spark 1.27.0
org.objenesis objenesis 2.5.1
org.postgresql postgresql 42.3.3
org.roaringbitmap RoaringBitmap 0.9.25
org.roaringbitmap shims 0.9.25
org.rocksdb rocksdbjni 6.24.2
org.rosuda.REngine REngine 2.1.0
org.scala-lang scala-compiler_2.12 2.12.14
org.scala-lang scala-library_2.12 2.12.14
org.scala-lang scala-reflect_2.12 2.12.14
org.scala-lang.modules scala-collection-compat_2.12 2.4.3
org.scala-lang.modules scala-parser-combinators_2.12 1.1.2
org.scala-lang.modules scala-xml_2.12 1.2.0
org.scala-sbt test-interface 1.0
org.scalacheck scalacheck_2.12 1.14.2
org.scalactic scalactic_2.12 3.0.8
org.scalanlp breeze-macros_2.12 1.2
org.scalanlp breeze_2.12 1.2
org.scalatest scalatest_2.12 3.0.8
org.slf4j jcl-over-slf4j 1.7.36
org.slf4j jul-to-slf4j 1.7.36
org.slf4j slf4j-api 1.7.36
org.spark-project.spark unused 1.0.0
org.threeten threeten-extra 1.5.0
org.tukaani xz 1.8
org.typelevel algebra_2.12 2.0.1
org.typelevel cats-kernel_2.12 2.1.1
org.typelevel macro-compat_2.12 1.1.1
org.typelevel spire-macros_2.12 0.17.0
org.typelevel spire-platform_2.12 0.17.0
org.typelevel spire-util_2.12 0.17.0
org.typelevel spire_2.12 0.17.0
org.wildfly.openssl wildfly-openssl 1.0.7.Final
org.xerial sqlite-jdbc
org.xerial.snappy snappy-java
org.yaml snakeyaml 1.24
oro oro 2.0.8 JLargeArrays 1.5 ion-java 1.0.2
stax stax-api 1.0.1