completion command group


This information applies to Databricks CLI versions 0.205 and above, which are in Public Preview. To find your version of the Databricks CLI, run databricks -v.

The completion command group in the Databricks CLI enables autocompletion of command groups, commands, and other programmatic references as you interact with the Databricks CLI through your shell interface.


Before you run this command, be sure to set up the Databricks CLI.

You run completion commands by appending them to databricks completion. To display help for the completion command, run databricks completion -h.

Autocompletion scripts are provided for the following shells:

Use the autocompletion script

To learn how to generate, apply, and activate the autocompletion script for your shell interface, run the completion command, as follows:

Shell Command
Bash databricks completion bash -h
fish databricks completion fish -h
PowerShell databricks completion powershell -h
Zsh databricks completion zsh -h

Follow the instructions that are displayed within the output of the completion command.