October 2018

These features and Azure Databricks platform improvements were released in October 2018.


Releases are staged. Your Azure Databricks account may not be updated until up to a week after the initial release date.

Copy notebook file path without opening notebook

October 23-30, 2018: Version 2.83

You can now copy a notebook file path by right-clicking the notebook name (or clicking the drop-down arrow Menu Dropdown to the right of the notebook name) in the file browser and selecting Copy File Path.

Azure-Key-Vault-backed secret scopes now supported on Standard Plan accounts

October 16, 2018: Version 2.82

Azure Databricks now lets you use the Create Secret Scope page to specify whether All users have MANAGE permission for a secret scope or only the Creator of the secret scope. This enables you to use Azure-Key-Vault-backed secret scopes on the Standard Plan, which requires that the MANAGE permission is assigned to All users.

For more information, see Create an Azure Key Vault-backed secret scope.


Azure Key Vault-backed secret scopes are in Preview.