Serverless compute release notes

This article explains the features and behaviors that are currently available and upcoming on serverless compute for notebooks and workflows.

For more information on serverless compute, see Connect to serverless compute.

Databricks periodically releases updates to serverless compute, automatically upgrading the serverless compute runtime to support enhancements and upgrades to the platform. All users get the same updates, rolled out over a short period of time.

Upcoming behavioral changes

This section will highlight behavioral changes coming in the next serverless compute version. When the changes are pushed to production they will be added to the release notes.

Release notes

This section includes release notes for serverless compute. Release notes are organized by year and week of year. Serverless compute always runs using the most recently released version listed here.

Serverless compute version 2024.15

April 15, 2024

Serverless compute version 2024.15 has been released into production. This is the initial serverless compute version which roughly corresponds to Databricks Runtime 14.3 with some modifications that remove support for some non-serverless and legacy features.

This version includes the following updates:

Supported Spark configuration parameters

To automate the configuration of Spark on serverless compute, Databricks has removed support for manually setting most Spark configurations. You can manually set only the following Spark configuration parameters:

  • spark.sql.legacy.timeParserPolicy (Default value is EXCEPTION)
  • spark.sql.session.timeZone (Default value is Etc/UTC)
  • spark.sql.shuffle.partitions (Default value is auto)
  • spark.sql.ansi.enabled (Default value is true)

Job runs on serverless compute will fail if you set a Spark configuration that is not in this list.

Caching API and SQL commands not supported

Usage of Dataframe and SQL cache APIs is not supported. Using any of these APIs or SQL commands will result in an exception.

Unsupported APIs:

Unsupported SQL commands:

Global temporary views not supported

The creation of global temporary views is not supported. Using either of these commands will result in an exception:

Instead, Databricks recommends using session temporary views or creating tables where cross-session data passing is required.

CREATE FUNCTION (External) not supported

The CREATE FUNCTION (External) command is not supported. Using this command results in an exception.

Instead, Databricks recommends using CREATE FUNCTION (SQL and Python) to create UDFs.

Hive SerDe tables not supported

Hive SerDe tables are not supported. Additionally, the corresponding LOAD DATA command which loads data into a Hive SerDe table is not supported. Using the command will result in an exception.

Support for data sources is limited to AVRO, BINARYFILE, CSV, DELTA, JSON, KAFKA, ORC, PARQUET, ORC, TEXT, and XML.

Hive variables not supported

Hive variables (for example ${env:var}, ${configName}, ${system:var}, and spark.sql.variable) or config variable references using the ${var} syntax are not supported. Using Hive variables will result in an exception.

Instead, use DECLARE VARIABLE, SET VARIABLE, and SQL session variable references and parameter markers (β€˜?’, or β€˜:var’) to declare, modify, and reference session state. You can also use the IDENTIFIER clause to parameterize object names in many cases.

input_file functions are deprecated

The input_file_name(), input_file_block_length(), and input_file_block_start() functions have been deprecated. Using these functions is highly discouraged.

Instead, use the file metadata column to retrieve file metadata information.

Behavioral changes

Serverless compute version 2024.15 includes the following behavioral changes:

  • unhex(hexStr) bug fix: When using the unhex(hexStr) function, hexStr is always padded left to a whole byte. Previously the unhex function ignored the first half-byte. For example: unhex('ABC') now produces x'0ABC' instead of x'BC'.
  • Auto-generated column aliases are now stable: When the result of an expression is referenced without a user-specified column alias, this auto-generated alias will now be stable. The new algorithm may result in a change to the previously auto-generated names used in features like materialized views.
  • Table scans with CHAR type fields are now always padded: Delta tables, certain JDBC tables, and external data sources store CHAR data in non-padded form. When reading, Databricks will now pad the data with spaces to the declared length to ensure correct semantics.
  • Casts from BIGINT/DECIMAL to TIMESTAMP throw an exception for overflowed values: Databricks allows casting from BIGINT and DECIMAL to TIMESTAMP by treating the value as the number of seconds from the Unix epoch. Previously, Databricks would return overflowed values but now throws an exception in cases of overflow. Use try_cast to return NULL instead of an exception.
  • PySpark UDF execution has been improved to match the exact behavior of UDF execution on single-user compute: The following changes have been made:
    • UDFs with a string return type no longer implicitly convert non-string values into strings. Previously, UDFs with a return type of str would apply a str(..) wrapper to the result regardless of the actual data type of the returned value.
    • UDFs with timestamp return types no longer implicitly apply a timezone conversion to timestamps.

System environment

Serverless compute includes the following system environment:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
  • Python: 3.10.12
  • Delta Lake: 3.1.0

Installed Python libraries

The following Python libraries are installed on serverless compute by default. Additional dependencies can be installed using the Environment side panel. See Install notebook dependencies.

Library Version Library Version Library Version
anyio 3.5.0 argon2-cffi 21.3.0 argon2-cffi-bindings 21.2.0
asttokens 2.0.5 astunparse 1.6.3 attrs 22.1.0
backcall 0.2.0 beautifulsoup4 4.11.1 black 22.6.0
bleach 4.1.0 blinker 1.4 boto3 1.24.28
botocore 1.27.96 cachetools 5.3.2 certifi 2022.12.7
cffi 1.15.1 chardet 4.0.0 charset-normalizer 2.0.4
click 8.0.4 comm 0.1.2 contourpy 1.0.5
cryptography 39.0.1 cycler 0.11.0 Cython 0.29.32
databricks-connect 14.3.1 databricks-sdk 0.20.0 dbus-python 1.2.18
debugpy 1.6.7 decorator 5.1.1 defusedxml 0.7.1
distlib 0.3.8 docstring-to-markdown 0.11 entrypoints 0.4
executing 0.8.3 facets-overview 1.1.1 fastjsonschema 2.19.1
filelock 3.13.1 fonttools 4.25.0 google-auth 2.28.1
googleapis-common-protos 1.62.0 grpcio 1.62.0 grpcio-status 1.62.0
httplib2 0.20.2 idna 3.4 importlib-metadata 4.6.4
ipyflow-core 0.0.198 ipykernel 6.25.0 ipython 8.14.0
ipython-genutils 0.2.0 ipywidgets 7.7.2 jedi 0.18.1
jeepney 0.7.1 Jinja2 3.1.2 jmespath 0.10.0
joblib 1.2.0 jsonschema 4.17.3 jupyter-client 7.3.4
jupyter-server 1.23.4 jupyter_core 5.2.0 jupyterlab-pygments 0.1.2
jupyterlab-widgets 1.0.0 keyring 23.5.0 kiwisolver 1.4.4
launchpadlib 1.10.16 lazr.restfulclient 0.14.4 lazr.uri 1.0.6
lxml 4.9.1 MarkupSafe 2.1.1 matplotlib 3.7.0
matplotlib-inline 0.1.6 mccabe 0.7.0 mistune 0.8.4
more-itertools 8.10.0 mypy-extensions 0.4.3 nbclassic 0.5.2
nbclient 0.5.13 nbconvert 6.5.4 nbformat 5.7.0
nest-asyncio 1.5.6 nodeenv 1.8.0 notebook 6.5.2
notebook_shim 0.2.2 numpy 1.23.5 oauthlib 3.2.0
packaging 23.2 pandas 1.5.3 pandocfilters 1.5.0
parso 0.8.3 pathspec 0.10.3 patsy 0.5.3
pexpect 4.8.0 pickleshare 0.7.5 Pillow 9.4.0
pip 22.3.1 platformdirs 2.5.2 plotly 5.9.0
pluggy 1.0.0 prometheus-client 0.14.1 prompt-toolkit 3.0.36
protobuf 4.25.3 psutil 5.9.0 psycopg2 2.9.3
ptyprocess 0.7.0 pure-eval 0.2.2 py4j
pyarrow 8.0.0 pyarrow-hotfix 0.5 pyasn1 0.5.1
pyasn1-modules 0.3.0 pyccolo 0.0.52 pycparser 2.21
pydantic 1.10.6 pyflakes 3.1.0 Pygments 2.11.2
PyGObject 3.42.1 PyJWT 2.3.0 pyodbc 4.0.32
pyparsing 3.0.9 pyright 1.1.294 pyrsistent 0.18.0
python-dateutil 2.8.2 python-lsp-jsonrpc 1.1.1 python-lsp-server 1.8.0
pytoolconfig 1.2.5 pytz 2022.7 pyzmq 23.2.0
requests 2.28.1 rope 1.7.0 rsa 4.9
s3transfer 0.6.2 scikit-learn 1.1.1 scipy 1.10.0
seaborn 0.12.2 SecretStorage 3.3.1 Send2Trash 1.8.0
setuptools 65.6.3 six 1.16.0 sniffio 1.2.0
soupsieve 2.3.2.post1 ssh-import-id 5.11 stack-data 0.2.0
statsmodels 0.13.5 tenacity 8.1.0 terminado 0.17.1
threadpoolctl 2.2.0 tinycss2 1.2.1 tokenize-rt 4.2.1
tomli 2.0.1 tornado 6.1 traitlets 5.7.1
typing_extensions 4.4.0 ujson 5.4.0 unattended-upgrades 0.1
urllib3 1.26.14 virtualenv 20.16.7 wadllib 1.3.6
wcwidth 0.2.5 webencodings 0.5.1 websocket-client 0.58.0
whatthepatch 1.0.2 wheel 0.38.4 widgetsnbextension 3.6.1
yapf 0.33.0 Zipp 1.0.0

Serverless compute limitations

For a list of serverless compute limitations, see Serverless compute limitations.