Map options

The map visualizations display results on a geographic map. The query result set must include the appropriate geographic data:

  • Choropleth: Geographic localities, such as countries or states, are colored according to the aggregate values of each key column. The query must return geographic locations by name. For an example, see choropleth example.
  • Marker: A marker is placed at a set of coordinates on the map. The query result must return latitude and longitude pairs. For an example, see marker example.

Choropleth options

This section covers the options for choropleth visualizations.


To configure general options, click General and configure each of the following required settings:

  • Map: Which geographic map to use. One of Countries, USA, or Japan/Prefectures. The results in the key column must appear in the map you choose.

  • Geographic column: The column containing the locations for the map.

  • Geographic type: The format of values in the key column. One of Abbreviated name, Short name, Full name, ISO code (2 letters), ISO code (3 letters), ISO code (3 digits):

    Format Value
    Abbreviated name U.S.A, Brazil
    Short name United States, Brazil
    Full name United States, Brazil
    ISO code (2 letters) US, BR
    ISO code (3 letters) USA, BRA
    ISO code (numeric) 840, 076

    If a geographic column value doesn’t match one of the target field formats, no data is shown for that locality.

    For more information on supported map values and their corresponding abbreviated values, see Supported map values.

  • Value Column: Aggregates the result per key column.


  • Clustering mode: How data is segmented into steps along the color gradient.
    • Equidistant (default): Results are segmented into the number of segments you specify in the Steps field, and each segment’s range is the same size.
    • Quantile: Results are segmented into a number of segments less than or equal to the value you specify in the Steps field, where each segment contains the same number of results, regardless of the segment’s numeric range.
    • K-mean: Results are segmented into the number of segments you specify in the Steps field, and the results in each segment are clustered near a common mean.
  • Steps: The number of colors to use inclusive of Min Color and Max Color in the map and the legend. If Clustering Mode is Quantile, there may be fewer steps than you specify here.
  • Min Color: The color for the lowest value range.
  • Max Color: The color for the highest value range.
  • No Value Color: The color for locations with no result in the query. Often, this color is outside of the gradient range between Min Color and Max Color.
  • Background Color: The color for the map background.
  • Border Color: The color for borders between locations.


  • Value frormat: Optionally override the automatically detected format for the value column.
  • Value placeholder: An optional value to display for locations with no results. Defaults to N/A.
  • Show legend: Uncheck to disable the legend.
  • Legend position: Where in the visualization to display the legend.
  • Legend text alignment: How to align text in the legend.
  • Show tooltip: Whether to display a tooltip when you hover your cursor over a location.
  • Tooltip template: An optional value to override the template used for tooltips.
  • Show popup: Whether to display a popup when you click a location.
  • Popup template: An optional value to override the template used for popups.


To show only a portion of the map in the visualization, you can configure coordinates for the four corners of the area to show. You can set the coordinates manually, zoom in or out, or use the rectangular selector.

Marker options

This section covers the options for marker visualizations.


  • Latitude column: Latitude portion of the coordinate pair.
  • Longitude column: Longitude portion of the coordinate pair.
  • Group by The column to use for grouping, if different from the original query.


  • Show tooltip: If selected, a tooltip displays when you hover the mouse over a marker in the visualization.
  • Tooltip template: Override the default tooltip template using a format you specify.
  • Show popup: If selected, a popup displays when you click a marker in the visualization.
  • Popup template: Override the default popup template using a format you specify.


  • Map tiles: Override the default map tiles with one of the included sets.
  • Cluster markers: If selected, markers that are near to each other are clustered into a single marker that indicates the number of markers in the cluster.
  • Override default style: If selected, you can override the marker shape, icon, color, background color, and border color.

To hide a series in a visualization, click the series in the legend. To show the series again, click it again in the legend.

To show only a single series, double-click the series in the legend. To show other series, click each one.

Supported map values

The following table lists supported map values and their corresponding abbreviated values.

Abbreviated name Short name Full name ISO code (2 letters) ISO code (3 letters) ISO code (numeric)
Belize Belize Belize BZ BLZ 84
Can. Canada Canada CA CAN 124
Bhs. Bahamas Bahamas BS BHS 44
C.R. Costa Rica Costa Rica CR CRI 188
Grlnd. Greenland Greenland GL GRL 304
Dom. Rep. Dominican Rep. Dominican Republic DO DOM 214
Cuba Cuba Cuba CU CUB 192
Hond. Honduras Honduras HN HND 340
Guat. Guatemala Guatemala GT GTM 320
Haiti Haiti Haiti HT HTI 332
Mex. Mexico Mexico MX MEX 484
Jam. Jamaica Jamaica JM JAM 388
P.R. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico PR PRI 630
Pan. Panama Panama PA PAN 591
Nic. Nicaragua Nicaragua NI NIC 558
El. S. El Salvador El Salvador SV SLV 222
Tr.T. Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago TT TTO 780
U.S.A. United States United States US USA 840
Arg. Argentina Argentina AR ARG 32
Bolivia Bolivia Bolivia BO BOL 68
Brazil Brazil Brazil BR BRA 76
Chile Chile Chile CL CHL 152
Col. Colombia Colombia CO COL 170
Ecu. Ecuador Ecuador EC ECU 218
Flk. Is. Falkland Is. Falkland Islands FK FLK 238
Guy. Guyana Guyana GY GUY 328
Para. Paraguay Paraguay PY PRY 600
Sur. Suriname Suriname SR SUR 740
Ury. Uruguay Uruguay UY URY 858
Peru Peru Peru PE PER 604
Ven. Venezuela Venezuela VE VEN 862
Afg. Afghanistan Afghanistan AF AFG 4
U.A.E. United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates AE ARE 784
Arm. Armenia Armenia AM ARM 51
Aze. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan AZ AZE 31
Brunei Brunei Brunei Darussalam BN BRN 96
Bang. Bangladesh Bangladesh BD BGD 50
China China China CN CHN 156
Bhutan Bhutan Bhutan BT BTN 64
N. Cy. N. Cyprus Northern Cyprus
Cyp. Cyprus Cyprus CY CYP 196
Geo. Georgia Georgia GE GEO 268
Indo. Indonesia Indonesia ID IDN 360
India India India IN IND 356
Iran Iran Iran IR IRN 364
Jord. Jordan Jordan JO JOR 400
Isr. Israel Israel IL ISR 376
Japan Japan Japan JP JPN 392
Iraq Iraq Iraq IQ IRQ 368
Kaz. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan KZ KAZ 398
Kgz. Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan KG KGZ 417
S.K. Korea Republic of Korea KR KOR 410
Camb. Cambodia Cambodia KH KHM 116
Kwt. Kuwait Kuwait KW KWT 414
Laos Lao PDR Lao PDR LA LAO 418
Leb. Lebanon Lebanon LB LBN 422
Sri L. Sri Lanka Sri Lanka LK LKA 144
Myan. Myanmar Myanmar MM MMR 104
Mong. Mongolia Mongolia MN MNG 496
Malay. Malaysia Malaysia MY MYS 458
Nepal Nepal Nepal NP NPL 524
Oman Oman Oman OM OMN 512
Pak. Pakistan Pakistan PK PAK 586
Phil. Philippines Philippines PH PHL 608
N.K. Dem. Rep. Korea Dem. Rep. Korea KP PRK 408
Pal. Palestine Palestine PS PSE 275
Qatar Qatar Qatar QA QAT 634
Syria Syria Syria SY SYR 760
Saud. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia SA SAU 682
Thai. Thailand Thailand TH THA 764
Tjk. Tajikistan Tajikistan TJ TJK 762
Turkm. Turkmenistan Turkmenistan TM TKM 795
T.L. Timor-Leste Timor-Leste TL TLS 626
Tur. Turkey Turkey TR TUR 792
Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan TW TWN 158
Viet. Vietnam Vietnam VN VNM 704
Uzb. Uzbekistan Uzbekistan UZ UZB 860
Yem. Yemen Yemen YE YEM 887
Ang. Angola Angola AO AGO 24
Bur. Burundi Burundi BI BDI 108
B.F. Burkina Faso Burkina Faso BF BFA 854
Bwa. Botswana Botswana BW BWA 72
Benin Benin Benin BJ BEN 204
C.A.R. Central African Rep. Central African Republic CF CAF 140
I.C. Côte d’Ivoire Côte d’Ivoire CI CIV 384
Cam. Cameroon Cameroon CM CMR 120
D.R.C. Dem. Rep. Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo CD COD 180
Rep. Congo Congo Republic of Congo CG COG 178
Dji. Djibouti Djibouti DJ DJI 262
Alg. Algeria Algeria DZ DZA 12
Egypt Egypt Egypt EG EGY 818
Gabon Gabon Gabon GA GAB 266
Erit. Eritrea Eritrea ER ERI 232
Eth. Ethiopia Ethiopia ET ETH 231
Ghana Ghana Ghana GH GHA 288
Gin. Guinea Guinea GN GIN 324
Gambia Gambia The Gambia GM GMB 270
GnB. Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau GW GNB 624
Ken. Kenya Kenya KE KEN 404
Eq. G. Eq. Guinea Equatorial Guinea GQ GNQ 226
Liberia Liberia Liberia LR LBR 430
Libya Libya Libya LY LBY 434
Mor. Morocco Morocco MA MAR 504
Les. Lesotho Lesotho LS LSO 426
Mad. Madagascar Madagascar MG MDG 450
Mali Mali Mali ML MLI 466
Moz. Mozambique Mozambique MZ MOZ 508
Nam. Namibia Namibia NA NAM 516
Niger Niger Niger NE NER 562
Mal. Malawi Malawi MW MWI 454
Mrt. Mauritania Mauritania MR MRT 478
Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria NG NGA 566
Rwa. Rwanda Rwanda RW RWA 646
W. Sah. W. Sahara Western Sahara EH ESH 732
S. Sud. S. Sudan South Sudan SS SSD 728
S.L. Sierra Leone Sierra Leone SL SLE 694
Sen. Senegal Senegal SN SEN 686
Solnd. Somaliland Somaliland
Sudan Sudan Sudan SD SDN 729
Som. Somalia Somalia SO SOM 706
Swz. Swaziland Swaziland SZ SWZ 748
Chad Chad Chad TD TCD 148
Togo Togo Togo TG TGO 768
Tun. Tunisia Tunisia TN TUN 788
Tanz. Tanzania Tanzania TZ TZA 834
Uga. Uganda Uganda UG UGA 800
S.Af. South Africa South Africa ZA ZAF 710
Zambia Zambia Zambia ZM ZMB 894
Zimb. Zimbabwe Zimbabwe ZW ZWE 716
Alb. Albania Albania AL ALB 8
Aust. Austria Austria AT AUT 40
Belg. Belgium Belgium BE BEL 56
Bulg. Bulgaria Bulgaria BG BGR 100
Bela. Belarus Belarus BY BLR 112
Switz. Switzerland Switzerland CH CHE 756
B.H. Bosnia and Herz. Bosnia and Herzegovina BA BIH 70
Cz. Rep. Czech Rep. Czech Republic CZ CZE 203
Ger. Germany Germany DE DEU 276
Den. Denmark Denmark DK DNK 208
Sp. Spain Spain ES ESP 724
Est. Estonia Estonia EE EST 233
Fin. Finland Finland FI FIN 246
Fr. France France FR FRA 250
U.K. United Kingdom United Kingdom GB GBR 826
Cro. Croatia Croatia HR HRV 191
Ire. Ireland Ireland IE IRL 372
Greece Greece Greece GR GRC 300
Iceland Iceland Iceland IS ISL 352
Hun. Hungary Hungary HU HUN 348
Italy Italy Italy IT ITA 380
Kos. Kosovo Kosovo
Lith. Lithuania Lithuania LT LTU 440
Lat. Latvia Latvia LV LVA 428
Lux. Luxembourg Luxembourg LU LUX 442
Mkd. Macedonia Macedonia MK MKD 807
Mda. Moldova Moldova MD MDA 498
Mont. Montenegro Montenegro ME MNE 499
Nor. Norway Norway NO NOR 578
Neth. Netherlands Netherlands NL NLD 528
Pol. Poland Poland PL POL 616
Port. Portugal Portugal PT PRT 620
Rom. Romania Romania RO ROU 642
Rus. Russia Russian Federation RU RUS 643
Serb. Serbia Serbia RS SRB 688
Slo. Slovenia Slovenia SI SVN 705
Svk. Slovakia Slovakia SK SVK 703
Ukr. Ukraine Ukraine UA UKR 804
Swe. Sweden Sweden SE SWE 752
Auz. Australia Australia AU AUS 36
Fiji Fiji Fiji FJ FJI 242
New C. New Caledonia New Caledonia NC NCL 540
N.Z. New Zealand New Zealand NZ NZL 554
P.N.G. Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea PG PNG 598
S. Is. Solomon Is. Solomon Islands SB SLB 90
Van. Vanuatu Vanuatu VU VUT 548