Defender for DevOps | Defender for Cloud in the Field

Episode description: In this episode of Defender for Cloud in the Field, Sukhandeep Singh joins Yuri Diogenes to talk about Defender for DevOps. Sukhandeep explains how Defender for DevOps uses a central console to provide security teams DevOps insights across multi-pipeline environments, such as GitHub and Azure DevOps. Sukhandeep also covers the security recommendations created by Defender for DevOps and demonstrates how to configure a GitHub connector using Defender for Cloud dashboard.

  • 01:16 - What is Defender for DevOps?

  • 02:22 - Current Integrations

  • 02:47- GitHub connector

  • 04:16 - Security recommendations

  • 05:54 - Protection for infrastructure as a code

  • 07:03 - Azure ADO connector

  • 08:22 - Demonstration

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