API Security with Defender for APIs

Episode description: In this episode of Defender for Cloud in the Field, Preetham Naik joins Yuri Diogenes to talk about API security with Defender for APIs. Preetham explains the importance of API security and why the threats in this area are growing. Preetham introduces the new Defender for APIs plan released in public preview and gives an overview of all its capabilities. Preetham also demonstrates the step-by-step process to onboard this plan and demonstrates how to address API security recommendations.

  • 02:15 - Why is API Security important?
  • 05:15 - The state of the API Security Market
  • 07:06 - What are the risks associated with API?
  • 11:25 - What you should expect from Defender for APIs
  • 15:53 - Demonstration

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