Security recommendations for IoT Hub

Defender for IoT scans your Azure resources and IoT devices and provides security recommendations to reduce your attack surface. Security recommendations are actionable and aim to aid customers in complying with security best practices.

In this article, you will find a list of recommendations, which can be triggered on your IoT Hub.

Built in recommendations in IoT Hub

Recommendation alerts provide insight and suggestions for actions to improve the security posture of your environment.

High severity

Severity Name Data Source Description RecommendationType
High Same authentication credentials used by multiple devices IoT Hub IoT Hub authentication credentials are used by multiple devices. This could indicate an illegitimate device is impersonating a legitimate device and also exposes the risk of device impersonation by a malicious actor. IoT_SharedCredentials
High High level permissions configured in IoT Edge model twin for IoT Edge module IoT Hub IoT Edge module is configured to run in privileged mode, with extensive Linux capabilities or with host-level network access (send/receive data to host machine). IoT_PrivilegedDockerOptions

Medium severity

Severity Name Data Source Description RecommendationType
Medium Service principal not used with ACR repository IoT Hub Authentication schema used to pull an IoT Edge module from an ACR repository does not use Service Principal Authentication. IoT_ACRAuthentication
Medium TLS cipher suite upgrade needed IoT Hub Unsecured TLS configurations detected. Immediate TLS cipher suite upgrade recommended. IoT_VulnerableTLSCipherSuite
Medium Default IP filter policy should be deny IoT Hub By default, IP filter configuration needs rules defined for allowed traffic and should deny all other traffic. IoT_IPFilter_DenyAll
Medium IP filter rule includes a large IP range IoT Hub An IP filter rule source allowable IP range is too large. Overly permissive rules can expose your IoT Hub to malicious actors. IoT_IPFilter_PermissiveRule
Medium Recommended Rules for ip filter IoT Hub We Recommend you to change your IP filter to the following rules, the rules obtained by your IotHub behavior IoT_RecommendedIpRulesByBaseLine
Medium SecurityGroup has inconsistent module settings IoT Hub Within this device security group, an anomaly device has inconsistent IoT Edge module settings when compared with the rest of the security group. IoT_InconsistentModuleSettings

Low severity

Severity Name Data Source Description RecommendationType
Low IoT Edge Hub memory can be optimized IoT Hub Optimize your IoT Edge Hub memory usage by turning off protocol heads for any protocols not used by Edge modules in your solution. IoT_EdgeHubMemOptimize
Low No logging configured for IoT Edge module IoT Hub Logging is disabled for this IoT Edge module. IoT_EdgeLoggingOptions

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