Integrate ServiceNow with Microsoft Defender for IoT

The Defender for IoT integration with ServiceNow provides a extra level of centralized visibility, monitoring, and control for the IoT and OT landscape. These bridged platforms enable automated device visibility and threat management to previously unreachable ICS & IoT devices.

The Operational Technology Manager integration is available from the ServiceNow store, which streamlines Microsoft Defender for IoT sensor appliances, OT assets, network connections, and vulnerabilities to ServiceNow’s Operational Technology (OT) data model.

ServiceNow integrations with Microsoft Defender for IoT

Once you have the Operational Technology Manager application, two integrations are available:

Service Graph Connector (SGC)

Import Microsoft Defender for IoT sensors with additional attributes, including connection details and Purdue model zones, into the Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) class. Provide visibility into your OT network status and manage it within the ServiceNow application.

For more information, please see the Service Graph Connector (SGC) information on the ServiceNow store.

Vulnerability Response (VR)

Track and resolve vulnerabilities of your OT assets with the data imported from Defender for IoT into the ServiceNow Operational Technology Vulnerability Response application.

For more information, please see the Vulnerability Response (VR) information on the ServiceNow store.

For more information, read the ServiceNow supporting links and documentation for the ServiceNow terms of service.

Next steps

Access the ServiceNow integrations from the ServiceNow store: