Configure Microsoft Dev Box from the command-line with the Azure CLI

In addition to the Azure admin portal and the developer portal, you can use the Dev Box Azure CLI extension to create resources. Microsoft Dev Box and Azure Deployment Environments use the same Azure CLI extension, which is called devcenter.

Install the devcenter extension

To install the devcenter extension, you first need to install the Azure CLI. The following steps show you how to install the Azure CLI, then the devcenter extension.

  1. Download and install the Azure CLI.

  2. Install the devcenter extension

az extension add --name devcenter
  1. Check that the devcenter extension is installed
az extension list

Update the devcenter extension

You can update the devcenter extension if you already have it installed.

To update a version of the extension that's installed

az extension update --name devcenter

Remove the devcenter extension

To remove the extension, use the following command

az extension remove --name devcenter

Get started with the devcenter extension

You might find the following commands useful as you work with Dev Box.

  1. Sign in to Azure CLI with your work account.

    az login
  2. Set your default subscription to the subscription where you're creating your specific Dev Box resources.

    az account set --subscription {subscriptionId}
  3. Set default resource group. Setting a default resource group means you don't need to specify the resource group for each command.

    az configure --defaults group={resourceGroupName}
  4. Get Help for a command

    az devcenter admin --help

Next steps

For complete command listings, refer to the Microsoft Dev Box and Azure Deployment Environments Azure CLI documentation.