Delivery Plans FAQs

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Delivery Plans provides a calendar view of multiple backlogs, teams, and team backlogs from different projects. It replaces the Delivery Plans marketplace extension and is available for Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server 2022 and later versions. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Delivery Plans.

What are the main differences between Delivery Plans 2.0 and the Delivery Plans extension?


Teams, Backlogs

20 maximum

10 maximum

Cross-project team backlogs




Start Date/Target Date and Iterations

Iterations only

Varying iteration paths



Card data

Condensed and expanded views
Variable based on zoom-level

Full card/TItle only


% done of child and linked work items

Not supported

Dependency tracking


Not supported

Card styles


Not supported

Keyboard shortcuts

Not supported at this time


Can I use Delivery Plans 2.0 with Azure DevOps Server 2020?

No. Delivery Plans 2.0 is available with Azure DevOps Server 2022 RC1.

Why don't my work items show on the plan?

Make sure your work items are assigned to an Iteration Path, or a Start Date and Target Date. Also, verify that the Iteration Paths have been selected for the teams whose backlog levels are chosen for the Delivery Plans. If the Iteration Paths aren't selected, work items associated with those iterations won't display.

How do I get dependency lines to show?

Select the bottom of the card to show the dependency lines of the work item. To turn them off, select the bottom of the card or anywhere else in the plan. Clicking the bottom of the card is a toggle for the display of the dependency lines.

Why can't I see all the fields and tags I've configured?

In the settings under the Fields section, you can add fields display on the cards. However, depending on the number of fields and the zoom level, not all fields are displayed. Selective field display based on zoom level is a design decision that was made to avoid card clutter. To see all the fields and tags on a card, continue to increase (+) the zoom level until they fully display.

Can I view custom work item types on Delivery Plans?

Yes. Add your custom work item type to a backlog level as described in Customize your backlogs or boards (Inheritance process).