Migration guide

Azure DevOps Services

This guide provides information to help migrate your .NET code from using WIT Client OM to our REST-based .NET Client Libraries. The following table lists common work tracking scenarios with links to their respected API documentation.

For sample code covered in these scenarios, see the GitHub Azure DevOps WIT Client OM Migration Guide.

Common scenarios

Scenario WIT Client OM REST based
Get list of work items WorkItemStore.Query Work Items - List
Get single work item WorkItemStore.GetWorkItem Work Items - Get Work Item
Create new work item WorkItem Work Items - Create
Update existing work item WorkItem.Fields Work Items - Update - Update a field
Validate a work item WorkItem.IsValid(),
Work Items - Update - Validate only
Create a link to an existing work item WorkItem.WorkItemLinks.Add Work Item - Update - Add a link
Add a comment WorkItem.History Work Item - Update - Update a field
Create a hyperlink WorkItem.Links.Add() Work Item - Update - Add a hyperlink
Add an attachment WorkItem.Attachments.Add() Work Item - Update - Add an attachment
Query work items using WIQL WorkItemStore.Query() Wiql - Query by Wiql
Run an existing query to get a list of work items WorkItemStore.Query() Wiql - Query by ID
Get list of work item types for your project Category.WorkItemTypes Work Item Types - List
Get work item type details Category.WorkItemTypes Work Item Types - Get
Get list of fields for a work item type WorkItemType.FieldDefinitions Work Item Types Field - List
Get field details WorkItemType.FieldDefinitions Work Item Types Field - Get



Looking for a help on a scenario that we missed? If so, create a new issue on the migration guide project and we'll add the scenario to the repo.