Migration and process model FAQs

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Find answers to frequently asked questions when using migrating to Azure DevOps Services from on-premises.

Does use of the Hosted XML process model pose a future risk in use of Azure DevOps Services?

No. When it comes to service updates, Hosted XML organizations are treated the same as organizations using the Inheritance process model.

Will my organization be stuck in Hosted XML forever?

No. You are using the Hosted XML process because the Inheritance process model does not contain all features yet. However, you can now clone a hosted XML process to an Inheritance process.

Will migrating from Hosted XML into Inheritance process model be a manual process?

No. The migration is automated. Simply follow the steps to clone a hosted XML process to an Inheritance process.

What happens in Hosted XML when Microsoft makes a change to a system process?

This is the same experience with Azure DevOps Server. If we make a change to a system process, it isn't applied to any of your Hosted XML processes. You won't have to update your processes if you don't want to. But if you do, you'll need to make the changes in the XML definition files manually for each process.

Is there a difference between a project that was created manually versus one that was created from data import?

The features available to each project are the same. The differences occur in how you modify the processes in your organization. When you create an organization, you'll use the Inheritance process model to customize the work tracking experience. Team projects migrated via data import, however, will use the Hosted XML process model to customize the work tracking experience. As described previously, you can clone a Hosted XML process to an Inheritance process model after import.

If my organization is using Hosted XML, can I create new projects to use the Inheritance process model?

Yes. For data import organizations, Azure DevOps Services supports team projects that use Inheritance as well as Hosted XML process models. To learn more about the Inheritance process, see Manage processes.

Where can I find more information on Hosted XML and the Inheritance process model?