AzurePolicyCheckGate@0 - Check Azure Policy compliance v0 task

Use this task to check the security and compliance assessment for Azure Policy.


# Check Azure Policy compliance v0
# Security and compliance assessment for Azure Policy.
- task: AzurePolicyCheckGate@0
    azureSubscription: # string. Alias: ConnectedServiceName. Required. Azure subscription. 
    #ResourceGroupName: # string. Resource group. 
    #Resources: # string. Resource name.


azureSubscription - Azure subscription
Input alias: ConnectedServiceName. string. Required.

Selects the Azure Resource Manager subscription you want to use to enforce the policies.

ResourceGroupName - Resource group

Provides the resource group name.

Resources - Resource name

Selects the name of Azure resources for which you want to check the policy compliance.

Task control options

All tasks have control options in addition to their task inputs. For more information, see Control options and common task properties.

Output variables



Azure Policy allows you to assess and enforce resource compliance against defined IT policies. Use this task in a gate to identify, analyze and evaluate the security risks, and determine the mitigation measures required to reduce the risks.


Can be used only as a gate. This task is not supported in a build or release pipeline.

Screenshot that shows using the task as a gate in a release pipeline.


Requirement Description
Pipeline types Classic release
Runs on ServerGate
Demands None
Capabilities This task does not satisfy any demands for subsequent tasks in the job.
Command restrictions Any
Settable variables Any
Agent version All supported agent versions.
Task category Deploy