Manage Wiki permissions

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Learn about managing permissions for your wiki. By default, all members of the Contributors group can edit Wiki pages.

Manage wiki permissions

All contributors to a project have access to "read" and “edit” the wiki repository by default. You can manage the wiki repository permissions to grant or restrict access for reading and editing wiki pages. For more information, see Get started with permissions, access, and security groups.

To open the Security dialog, select More actions > Wiki security.

Screenshot of Wiki, Choose More, select security.

For definitions of each repository permission, see Git repository permissions.

Screenshot of Wiki security dialog.

If you don't have access to create a wiki page, contact an Administrator, who can grant you adequate permission on the underlying Git repository of the wiki.

Stakeholder wiki access

Private projects

Users with Stakeholder access in a private project can read provisioned wiki pages and view revisions, but they can't edit. For example, Stakeholders can't create, edit, reorder, or revert changes to project wiki pages. These permissions can't be changed.

Stakeholders have zero access to read or edit published code wiki pages in private projects. For more information, see the Stakeholder access quick reference for project and code wikis.

Public projects

Stakeholders have full access to wikis in public projects.

For more information about Stakeholder access, see About access levels, Stakeholder access, Public versus private feature access.


You can only set permissions to access all wiki pages, not on a per-page basis.