Microsoft-hosted agents update

Azure Pipelines Microsoft-hosted agents has supported windows-2022 since September 2021. We've listened to your feedback that helped us improved the windows-2022 image and are ready to have Windows Server 2022 as the default version for the windows-latest image.

Check out the release notes for details.

Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines

The default agent specification for pipelines will be Windows-2022

The windows-2022 image is ready to be the default version for the windows-latest label in Azure Pipelines Microsoft-hosted agents. Until now, this label pointed to windows-2019 agents. This change will be rolled out over a period of several weeks beginning on January 17. We plan to complete the migration by March.

Azure Pipelines has supported windows-2022 since September 2021. We have monitored your feedback to improve the windows-2022 image stability and now we are ready to set it as the latest.

The windows-2022 image includes Visual Studio 2022. For a full list of differences between windows-2022 and windows-2019, visit the GitHub issue. For a full list of software installed on the image, check here.

Pipeline folder rename validates permissions

Folders containing pipelines can be renamed. Renaming a folder will now succeed only if the user has edit permissions on at least one pipeline contained in the folder.

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