Resolve errors associated with an Analytics view

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An Analytics view provides a simplified way to specify the filter criteria for a Power BI report based on Analytics data. Analytics provides the reporting platform for Azure DevOps. You manage Analytics views in the web portal for Azure DevOps and then access them with the Power BI Connector.


Analytics views only support Azure Boards data (work items). Analytics views doesn't support other data types, such as Pipelines. Views provide a flat-list of work items, and don't support work item hierarchies. At this point, we have no plans to update the connector to support other types of data. For information on other approaches, read Power BI Integration Overview.

Resolve size warnings

Warning: This view may contain too much data

This warning appears when Power BI determines that it can't load all the data contained within the view. It typically occurs when you haven't specified sufficient filters within the view or you've specified to load all history with a daily granularity.

To resolve this warning, specify other work items filters or modify the History or Granularity to scope the view's results.

Views that pull a large amount of data might take a long time to refresh and load in Power BI. For organizations with a large amount of data, it might even fail to load. To make sure your view will successfully load in Power BI, Verify your view before saving it.

Resolve verification errors

Error: The field 'FieldName' already exists

This error indicates that one of your project's custom fields is a duplicate of an Analytics field.

To resolve this error, rename your custom field.

Error: Field doesn't exist anymore

This error means that one of your work items filters or view fields references a field that was removed from your project process.

To resolve this error, edit your view and remove the filter or field from the view's definition.

Resolve errors in Power BI

Analytics view ... Doesn't exist or you don't have permission to view it

This error occurs when you try to refresh a view in Power BI that is no longer available in Azure DevOps. One or more of the following actions may have occurred:

  • The view was renamed
  • The view was deleted
  • Your permissions to access the view were explicitly removed
  • The view has been modified from a Shared view to a Private view.

Refresh fail - view does not exists

To resolve this issue, check that you can access the view in Azure DevOps and that you have permission to use the view.

If the view no longer exists, you can still use the rest of your report in Power BI by deleting the loaded table from your Power BI desktop.

The field ... already exists in the record

This error indicates that you have a custom field with the same display name as one of the Azure DevOps reserved fields.

To resolve this collision, remove the duplicate column from the view's fields. You'll need to customize your fields selection and remove the duplicate field from the field list.