Connect to DevTest Labs VMs through a browser with Azure Bastion

This article describes how to connect to DevTest Labs virtual machines (VMs) through a browser by using Azure Bastion. Azure Bastion provides secure remote desktop protocol (RDP) or secure shell (SSH) access without using public IP addresses or exposing RDP or SSH ports to the internet.

To connect to a lab VM through a browser:

  1. In the Azure portal, search for and select DevTest Labs.

  2. On the DevTest Labs page, select your lab.

  3. On the lab's Overview page, select the VM you want to connect to from the list under My virtual machines.

  4. On the VM's Overview page, from the top menu, select Browser connect.

  5. In the Browser connect pane, enter the username and password for the VM, and select whether you want the VM to open in a new browser window.

  6. Select Connect.

    Screenshot of the V M Overview screen with the Browser connect button highlighted.


If you don't see Browser connect on the VM's top menu, the lab isn't set up for Browser connect. You can select Connect to connect via RDP or SSH.