Restart a VM in a lab in Azure DevTest Labs

You can quickly and easily restart a virtual machine in DevTest Labs by following the steps in this article. Consider the following before restarting a VM:

  • The VM must be running for the restart feature to be enabled.

  • If a user is connected to a running VM when they perform a restart, they must reconnect to the VM after it starts back up.

  • If an artifact is being applied when you restart the VM, you receive a warning that the artifact might not be applied.

    Warning when restarting while applying artifacts


    If the VM has stalled while applying an artifact, you can use the restart VM feature as a potential way to resolve the issue.

Steps to restart a VM in a lab in Azure DevTest Labs

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select All Services, and then select DevTest Labs from the list.

  3. From the list of labs, select the lab that includes the VM you want to restart.

  4. In the left panel, select My Virtual Machines.

  5. From the list of VMs, select a running VM.

  6. At the top of the VM management pane, select Restart.

    Restart VM button

  7. Monitor the status of the restart by selecting the Notifications icon at the top right of the window.

    Viewing the status of the VM restart

You can also restart a running VM by selecting its ellipsis (...) in the list of My Virtual Machines.

Restart VM through ellipses

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