How to Track Usage and Create Budgets in Azure for Students

Azure for Students provides $100 in Azure credit to be used for up to one year and you can renew each year you're an active student to get an additional $100. However, students need to learn how to effectively manage and conserve their credit to keep their services running throughout the year.

Track your usage in the Education Hub

Using the Azure Education Hub, you can keep track of your usage while on Azure for Students. The Overview page contains details about your Azure for Students subscription, such as monthly and aggregate usage and a countdown until your next renewal.

Budgets in cost management.

Additionally, you can ‘View cost details’, which will send you into Microsoft Cost Management (MCM). With MCM, you can explore in more detail your services and the usage they have accumulated.

Usage in Education Hub.

Create Budgets to help conserve your Azure for Students credit

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