Microsoft Graph API events

Microsoft Graph API provides a unified programmable model that you can use to receive events about state changes of resources in Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Conversations, and security alerts. For every resource in the following table, events for create, update and delete state changes are supported.

Graph API event sources

Microsoft event source Resource(s) Available event types
Microsoft Entra ID User, Group Microsoft Entra event types
Microsoft Outlook Event (calendar meeting), Message (email), Contact Microsoft Outlook event types
Microsoft Teams ChatMessage, CallRecord (meeting) Microsoft Teams event types
OneDrive DriveItem Microsoft OneDrive events
Microsoft SharePoint List Microsoft SharePoint events
To Do To Do Task Microsoft ToDo events
Security alerts Alert Microsoft Security Alert events
Cloud printing Printer, Print Task Definition Microsoft Cloud Printing events
Microsoft Conversations Conversation Microsoft 365 Group Conversation events

You create a Microsoft Graph API subscription to enable Graph API events to flow into a partner topic. The partner topic is automatically created for you as part of the Graph API subscription creation. You use that partner topic to create event subscriptions to send your events to any of the supported event handlers that best meets your requirements to process the events.

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