Event Grid SDKs for management and publishing

Event Grid provides SDKs that enable you to programmatically manage your resources and post events.

Management SDKs

The management SDKs enable you to create, update, and delete event grid topics and subscriptions. Currently, the following SDKs are available:

Data plane SDKs

The data plane SDKs enable you to post events to topics by taking care of authenticating, forming the event, and asynchronously posting to the specified endpoint. They also enable you to consume first party events. Currently, the following SDKs are available:

Programming language SDK
.NET Latest stable SDK: Azure.Messaging.EventGrid

Legacy SDK: Microsoft.Azure.EventGrid

Java Latest stable SDK: azure-messaging-eventgrid

Legacy SDK: azure-eventgrid

Python azure-eventgrid
JavaScript @azure/eventgrid
Go Azure SDK for Go
Ruby azure_event_grid

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