Subscribe to events through portal

This article describes how to create Event Grid subscriptions through the portal.

Create event subscriptions

To create an Event Grid subscription for any of the supported event sources, use the following steps. This article shows how to create an Event Grid subscription for an Azure subscription.

  1. Select All services.

    Screenshot that shows the Azure portal with All Services selected on the left menu.

  2. Search for Event Grid Subscriptions and select it from the available options.

    Screenshot that shows Event Grid Subscription in the search box in the Azure portal.

  3. Select + Event Subscription.

    Screenshot that shows the select of Add Event Subscription menu on the Event Grid Subscriptions page.

  4. On the Create Event Subscription page, follow these steps:

    1. Enter a name for the event subscription.

    2. Select the type of event source (topic type) on which you want to create a subscription. For example, to subscribe to events for your Azure storage account, select Storage Accounts.

      Screenshot that shows the Create Event Subscription page.

    3. Select the Azure subscription that contains the storage account.

    4. Select the resource group that has the storage account.

    5. Then, select the storage account.

      Screenshot that shows the Create Event Subscription page with the storage account selected.

  5. Select the event types that you want to receive on the event subscription.

    Screenshot that shows the selection of event types.

  6. Provide more details about the event subscription, such as the endpoint for handling events and a subscription name.

    Screenshot that shows the selection of an endpoint.


    • For a list of supported event handlers, see Event handlers.
    • If you enable managed identity for a topic or domain, you'll need to add the managed identity to the appropriate role-based access control (RBAC) role on the destination for the messages to be delivered successfully. For more information, see Supported destinations and Azure roles.
  7. To enable dead lettering and customize retry policies, select Additional Features.

    Screenshot that shows the Additional features tab of the Create Event Subscription page.

  8. When done, select Create.

Create subscription on resource

Some event sources support creating an event subscription through the portal interface for that resource. Select the event source, and look for Events in left pane.

Screenshot that shows the Events option on the left menu of the Storage account page on the Azure portal.

The portal presents you with options for creating an event subscription that is relevant to that source.

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