What are the Azure Firewall Manager architecture options?

Azure Firewall Manager can provide security management for two network architecture types:

  • secured virtual hub

    An Azure Virtual WAN Hub is a Microsoft-managed resource that lets you easily create hub and spoke architectures. When security and routing policies associate with such a hub, it's known as a secured virtual hub.

  • hub virtual network

    This is a standard Azure virtual network that you create and manage yourself. When security policies are associated with such a hub, it's known as a hub virtual network. At this time, only Azure Firewall Policy is supported. You can peer spoke virtual networks that contain your workload servers and services. You can also manage firewalls in standalone virtual networks that aren't peered to any spoke.


The following table compares these two architecture options and can help you decide which one is right for your organization's security requirements:

Hub virtual network Secured virtual hub
Underlying resource Virtual network Virtual WAN Hub
Hub & Spoke Uses Virtual network peering Automated using hub virtual network connection
On-prem connectivity VPN Gateway up to 10 Gbps and 30 S2S connections; ExpressRoute More scalable VPN Gateway up 20 Gbps and 1000 S2S connections; Express Route
Automated branch connectivity using SDWAN Not supported Supported
Hubs per region Multiple Virtual Networks per region Multiple Virtual Hubs per region
Azure Firewall – multiple public IP addresses Customer provided Auto generated
Azure Firewall Availability Zones Supported Supported
Advanced Internet security with third-party Security as a Service partners Customer established and managed VPN connectivity to partner service of choice Automated via security partner provider flow and partner management experience
Centralized route management to route traffic to the hub Customer-managed User Defined Route Supported using BGP
Multiple security provider support Supported with manually configured forced tunneling to third-party firewalls Automated support for two security providers: Azure Firewall for private traffic filtering and third-party for Internet filtering
Web Application Firewall on Application Gateway Supported in Virtual Network Currently supported in spoke network
Network Virtual Appliance Supported in Virtual Network Currently supported in spoke network
Azure DDoS Protection support Yes No

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