Secure your Origin with Private Link in Azure Front Door Premium

Azure Private Link enables you to access Azure PaaS services and services hosted in Azure over a private endpoint in your virtual network. Traffic between your virtual network and the service goes over the Microsoft backbone network, eliminating exposure to the public Internet.

Azure Front Door Premium can connect to your origin using Private Link. Your origin can be hosted in a virtual network or hosted as a PaaS service such as Azure App Service or Azure Storage. Private Link removes the need for your origin to be access publicly.

Diagram of Azure Front Door with Private Link enabled.

When you enable Private Link to your origin in Azure Front Door Premium, Front Door creates a private endpoint on your behalf from an Azure Front Door managed regional private network. You'll receive an Azure Front Door private endpoint request at the origin pending your approval.

You must approve the private endpoint connection before traffic can pass to the origin privately. You can approve private endpoint connections by using the Azure portal, Azure CLI, or Azure PowerShell. For more information, see Manage a Private Endpoint connection.


You must approve the private endpoint connection before traffic will flow to your origin.

After you enable an origin for Private Link and approve the private endpoint connection, it can take a few minutes for the connection to get established. During this time, requests to the origin will receive an Azure Front Door error message. The error message will go away once the connection is established.

Once your request is approved, a private IP address gets assigned from the Azure Front Door managed virtual network. Traffic between your Azure Front Door and your origin will communicate using the established private link over the Microsoft backbone network. Incoming traffic to your origin is now secured when arriving at your Azure Front Door.

Screenshot of enable Private Link service checkbox from origin configuration page.

Region availability

Azure Front Door private link is available in the following regions:

Americas Europe Africa Asia Pacific
Brazil South France Central South Africa North Australia East
Canada Central Germany West Central Central India
Central US North Europe Japan East
East US Norway East Korea Central
East US 2 UK South East Asia
South Central US West Europe
West US 3 Sweden Central


Origin support for direct private endpoint connectivity is currently limited to:

  • Storage (Azure Blobs)
  • App Services
  • Internal load balancers.

The Azure Front Door Private Link feature is region agnostic but for the best latency, you should always pick an Azure region closest to your origin when choosing to enable Azure Front Door Private Link endpoint.

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