Overview of Azure Front Door tier

Azure Front Door is offered in 2 different tiers, Azure Front Door Standard and Azure Front Door Premium. Azure Front Door Standard and Premium tier combines capabilities of Azure Front Door (classic), Azure CDN Standard from Microsoft (classic), and Azure WAF into a single secure cloud CDN platform with intelligent threat protection.

Diagram of Azure Front Door architecture.


In order to switch between tiers, you will need to recreate the Azure Front Door profile.

Feature comparison between tiers

Features and optimization Standard Premium Classic
Static file delivery Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic site delivery Yes Yes Yes
Custom domains Yes - DNS TXT record based domain validation Yes - DNS TXT record based domain validation Yes - CNAME based validation
Cache manage (purge, rules, and compression) Yes Yes Yes
Origin load balancing Yes Yes Yes
Path based routing Yes Yes Yes
Rules engine Yes Yes Yes
Server variable Yes Yes No
Regular expression in rules engine Yes Yes No
Expanded metrics Yes Yes No
Advanced analytics/built-in reports Yes Yes - includes WAF report No
Raw logs - access logs and WAF logs Yes Yes Yes
Health probe log Yes Yes No
Custom Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft managed rule set No Yes Yes - Only default rule set 1.1 or below
Bot protection No Yes Yes - Only bot manager rule set 1.0
Private link connection to origin No Yes No
Simplified price (base + usage) Yes Yes No
Azure Policy integration Yes Yes No
Azure Advisory integration Yes Yes No

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