Keyboard shortcuts for Azure Resource Graph Explorer

This article lists the keyboard shortcuts that work in the Azure Resource Graph Explorer page of the Azure portal. For a list of global keyboard shortcuts or a list of keyboard shortcuts available for other pages, visit Keyboard shortcuts in the Azure portal.

Keyboard shortcuts for editing queries

Action Windows shortcut Mac shortcut
Comment/Uncomment CTRL+/ Cmd+/
Decrease indent CTRL+[ Cmd+[
Increase indent CTRL+] Cmd+]
Move the line down ALT+ Option+
Move the line up ALT+ Option+
Replace CTRL+H Cmd+H
Select all CTRL+A Cmd+A
Select downward SHIFT+ SHIFT+
Select right SHIFT+ SHIFT+
Select left SHIFT+ SHIFT+
Select upward SHIFT+ SHIFT+
Select to the end ALT+SHIFT+ Cmd+SHIFT+
Select to the start ALT+SHIFT+ Cmd+SHIFT+
Delete current line CTRL+L, CTRL+D Cmd+L, Cmd+D
Move to new line and add pipe (|) CTRL+Enter Cmd+Enter

Keyboard shortcuts for the query editor

Action Windows shortcut Mac shortcut
Run currently selected query SHIFT+Enter SHIFT+Enter
Cancel running query Esc Esc
Open new query tab CTRL+ALT+N Cmd+Option+N
Close active query tab CTRL+ALT+W Cmd+Option+W
Save current query CTRL+S Cmd+S
Open a saved query CTRL+O Cmd+O
Switch to query tab (1-9) CTRL+(1-9) Cmd+(1-9)
Jump to next query tab CTRL+ Cmd+
Jump to previous query tab CTRL+ Cmd+
Duplicate current query to new tab CTRL+K, CTRL+F Cmd+K, Cmd+F

Keyboard shortcuts for the results pane

Action Windows shortcut Mac shortcut
Switch to 'Get Started' tab CTRL+ALT+S Cmd+Option+S
Switch to 'Results' tab CTRL+ALT+R Cmd+Option+R
Switch to 'Charts' tab CTRL+ALT+C Cmd+Option+C
Switch to 'Messages' tab CTRL+ALT+K Cmd+Option+K
Switch to donut chart ALT+D Option+D
Switch to bar chart ALT+B Option+B
Switch to map chart ALT+N Option+M

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