Enable Private Link on an HDInsight Kafka Rest Proxy cluster

Follow these extra steps to enable private link for Kafka Rest Proxy HDI clusters.


As a prerequisite, complete the steps mentioned in Enable Private Link on an Azure HDInsight cluster document, then perform the below steps.

Create private endpoints

  1. Click 'Create private endpoint' and use the following configurations to set up another Ambari private endpoint:

    Config Value
    Name hdi-prilink-cluster-restproxy
    Resource type Microsoft.Network/privatelinkServices
    Resource kafkamanagementnode-* (This value should match the HDI deployment ID of your cluster, for example kafkamanagementnode 4eafe3a2a67e4cd88762c22a55fe4654)
    Virtual network hdi-privlink-client-vnet
    Subnet default

Configure DNS to connect over private endpoints

  1. Add another record set to the Private DNS for Ambari.

    Config Value
    Name hdi-prilink-cluster-restproxy
    Type A - Alias record to 1Pv4 address
    TTL 1
    TTL unit Hours
    IP Address Private IP of private endpoint for Ambari access

Next steps