Scenario: BindException - Address already in use in Azure HDInsight

This article describes troubleshooting steps and possible resolutions for issues when interacting with Azure HDInsight clusters.


The restart operation on an Apache HBase Region Server fails to complete. From the region-server.log in /var/log/hbase directory on the worker nodes where region server start fails, you may see an error message similar as follows:

Caused by: Problem binding to / : Address already in use

Caused by: Address already in use


Restarting Apache HBase Region Servers during heavy workload activity. Below is what happens behind the scenes when a user initiates the restart operation on HBase region server's from Apache Ambari UI:

  1. The Ambari agent sends a stop request to the region server.

  2. The Ambari agent waits for 30 seconds for the region server to shut down gracefully

  3. If your application continues to connect with the region server, the server won't shut down immediately. The 30-second timeout expires before shutdown occurs.

  4. After 30 seconds, the Ambari agent sends a force-kill (kill -9) command to the region server.

  5. Due to this abrupt shutdown, although the region server process gets killed, the port associated with the process may not be released, which eventually leads to AddressBindException.


Reduce the load on the HBase region servers before initiating a restart. Also, it's a good idea to first flush all the tables. For a reference on how to flush tables, see HDInsight HBase: How to improve the Apache HBase cluster restart time by flushing tables.

Alternatively, try to manually restart region servers on the worker nodes using following commands:

sudo su - hbase -c "/usr/hdp/current/hbase-regionserver/bin/ stop regionserver"
sudo su - hbase -c "/usr/hdp/current/hbase-regionserver/bin/ start regionserver"

Next steps

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