Scenario: Timeouts with 'hbase hbck' command in Azure HDInsight

This article describes troubleshooting steps and possible resolutions for issues when interacting with Azure HDInsight clusters.


Encounter timeouts with hbase hbck command when fixing region assignments.


A potential cause for timeout issues when you use the hbck command might be that several regions are in the "in transition" state for a long time. You can see those regions as offline in the HBase Master UI. Because a high number of regions are attempting to transition, HBase Master might time out and be unable to bring those regions back online.


  1. Sign in to the HDInsight HBase cluster using SSH.

  2. Run hbase zkcli command to connect with Apache ZooKeeper shell.

  3. Run rmr /hbase/regions-in-transition or rmr /hbase-unsecure/regions-in-transition command.

  4. Exit from hbase zkcli shell by using exit command.

  5. From the Apache Ambari UI, restart the Active HBase Master service.

  6. Run the hbase hbck -fixAssignments command.

  7. Monitor the HBase Master UI "region in transition" that section to make sure no region gets stuck.

Next steps

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