Use SCP with Apache Hadoop in Azure HDInsight

This article provides information on securely transferring files with your HDInsight cluster.

Copy files

The scp utility can be used to copy files to and from individual nodes in the cluster. For example, the following command copies the test.txt directory from the local system to the primary head node:

scp test.txt

Since no path is specified after the :, the file is placed in the sshuser home directory.

The following example copies the test.txt file from the sshuser home directory on the primary head node to the local system:

scp .

scp can only access the file system of individual nodes within the cluster. It can't be used to access data in the HDFS-compatible storage for the cluster.

Use scp when you need to upload a resource for use from an SSH session. For example, upload a Python script and then run the script from an SSH session.

For information on directly loading data into the HDFS-compatible storage, see the following documents:

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