Configuring Health Bot Behavior

The Configuration tab contains detailed configuration items that can control every aspect of the health bot instance functionality and apply to every scenario. The configuration items are broadly grouped in five categories: Conversation, Security, Language Understanding, User Consent, and Medical Protocols.

General authoring information:

  • The default value for each field is presented in the background.

  • Typing a new value will turn the field yellow until saved.

  • Select the save button at the bottom of the page.

  • Selecting the arrow button in a field will return the value to the last saved state. Selecting the x button will return the value to the default.

  • Hover over the question mark button for more information on the field or array.


In the Conversation category, you can control the default replies of your health bot instance. The default reply, for example, is "Sorry, it seems I can't answer this."
Example of changing the bots default response
You can change the wording to something else, like "Sorry, I'm not able to answer this at this time." In some cases, such as the actions of a help reply, you can edit an array of strings by manipulating each line as a standalone and add as many as necessary.


In the Security category, fields allow for control of timeout duration and message, as well as a toggle switch to require user authentication. See the section Steps to securing communication for details.

In the User Consent category, fields are provided to specify privacy, terms, and enablement with a tenant.

Medical Protocols

The Medical configuration category provides the fields that control the built-in capabilities of the Health Bot Service that perform triage and respond to the end users' questions about health-related information.
You can edit and make changes to how triage behaves and the responses for questions about conditions, symptoms and online resources.

Explore these fields in more detail using the demonstration health bot instance.