Known issues: Azure Health Data Services

This article describes the currently known issues with Azure Health Data Services and its different service types (FHIR service, DICOM service, and MedTech service) that seamlessly work with one another.

Refer to the table below to find details about resolution dates or possible workarounds. For more information about the different feature enhancements and bug fixes in Azure Health Data Services, see Release notes: Azure Health Data Services.

FHIR service

Issue Date discovered Workaround Date resolved
API queries to FHIR service returned Internal Server error in UK south region August 10th 2023 9:53 am PST -- August 10th 2023 10:43 am PST
FHIR resources are not queryable by custom search parameters even after reindex is successful. July 2023 Suggested workaround is to create support ticket to update the status of custom search parameters after reindex is successful. --
Using token type fields of length more than 128 characters can result in undesired behavior on create, search, update, and delete operations. August 2022 - Resolved, customers impacted with 128 characters issue are notified on resolution.
The SQL provider causes the RawResource column in the database to save incorrectly. This occurs in a few cases when a transient exception occurs that causes the provider to use its retry logic.  April 2022 - May 2022 Resolved #2571
Queries not providing consistent result counts after appended with _sort operator. For more information, see #2680. July 2022 - August 2022 Resolved #2680

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