Manage your personal application preferences

IoT Central provides the flexibility to customize your applications to meet your needs. IoT Central also provides some flexibility on a per-user basis to customize your own views. This article describes the various customization options available to a user.

Change language

IoT Central is supported in multiple languages. You can switch your preferred language by using the language picker on the settings icon on the top navigation bar. Once you've changed your language, IoT Central remembers your selection and applies it across all your applications. Customization within the application such as dashboard images aren't localized.

Change theme

IoT Central supports both a dark theme and a light theme. The light theme is the default and you can change it by selecting the settings icon on the top navigation bar.

Screenshot that shows how to access the theme settings.


The option to choose between light and dark themes isn't available if your administrator has configured a custom theme for the application.

Change default organization

If your application uses organizations, you can select a default organization to use whenever you need to select an organization. For example, the default organization prepopulates the organization field when you add a new device to your application.