Device Update for IoT Hub release notes and version history

Device Update for IoT Hub is an Azure service designed to work with an on-device agent built from the open-source Device Update for IoT Hub project hosted on GitHub. All new agent releases are made available under the Releases section of the GitHub repository. Contributions, feature requests, and bug reports can also be filed on the open-source Device Update for IoT Hub repository.

Detailed release notes for "February 2023 Release"

This latest release consists of several improvements to the experience when using Azure portal. These improvements are compatible with the GA launch API version ("2022-10-01") and agent versions v1.0.0, v1.0.1, and v1.0.2.


  • Improved the import experience by adding support for actionable notifications with update progress, enabling simplification of the Updates view by removing the dedicated tab for import history.
  • Added the Manage Device Update limits section to the Diagnostics tab. This section details how close your instance is to hitting Device Group and Device Class limits.
  • Added the ability to export Deployment details to a CSV file. This can be done by navigating to the Deployment history tab within a Device Group and selecting View deployment details then clicking Export to CSV.
  • Added the ability to navigate directly to Deployment details after creating a new deployment from Available updates.
  • Added a guided tutorial that walks through creation of an import manifest if one isn't included when importing a new update. This Create manifest tutorial can be accessed by starting a new import and selecting the desired update files from your storage container. If you don't include an import manifest (file with .importmanifest.json extension), the resulting error message contains a hyperlink ("create one") that opens the Import tutorial.
  • Added a hyperlink to the storage container where log files from a successful log operation have been uploaded. This can be accessed by navigating to Log upload operation details and opening the Devices section. Each device that successfully completed the log upload operation should display a hyperlink ("Open storage container") in the Log location field.

Version history

This table provides recent version history for the Device Update for IoT Hub service and agent, with a brief summary of the changes made for each version. Detailed breakdown of the most recent release's changes can be found in the Detailed release notes section of this page.

Release notes and assets Type Release Date Summary
February 2023 Release UX release February 23, 2023 This release brings new capabilities and quality-of-life improvements to the Azure portal experience.
Agent v1.0.2 Agent patch February 3, 2023 This agent patch addresses several bugs (e.g. result codes for missing handlers) and contains several improvements (e.g. SWUpdate V2 handler for installed criteria).
Agent v1.0.1 Agent patch January 13, 2023 This agent patch addresses several bugs (e.g. failure to reboot after installing new image) and contains several improvements (e.g. removed curl dependency in https_proxy_utils).
GA launch (v1.0.0) Full release November 1, 2022 This full release is made up of a new API version ("2022-10-01"), an Azure portal UX refresh, and a new agent version (v1.0.0).

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