Add Azure Kinect library to your Visual Studio project

This article walks you through the process of adding Azure Kinect NuGet package to your Visual Studio Project.

Install Azure Kinect NuGet package

To install the Azure Kinect NuGet package:

  1. You can find detailed instructions for installing a NuGet package in Visual Studio in the Quickstart: Install and use a package in Visual Studio.
  2. To add the package, you can use Package Manager UI by right-clicking References and choosing Manage NuGet Packages from Solution Explorer.
  3. Choose as the Package source, select Browse tab, and search for Microsoft.Azure.Kinect.Sensor.
  4. Select that package from the list and install.

Use Azure Kinect NuGet package

Once the package is added, add header file includes to the source code, such as:

  • #include <k4a/k4a.h>
  • #include <k4arecord/record.h>
  • #include <k4arecord/playback.h>

Next steps