Azure Kinect support options and resources

This article will walk you through various support options.

Community support

There are multiple ways to get your questions answered through public forums:

  • StackOverflow, where you can ask questions or search through existing library of questions.
  • GitHub, where you can ask questions, open new bugs or contribute to development of Azure Kinect sensor SDK.
  • Provide feedback, where you can share your ideas for the future of the product and vote for an existing idea.

Assisted support

There are multiple ways to get an assisted support for Azure Kinect.

Microsoft Q&A

For quick and reliable answers on your technical product questions from Microsoft Engineers, Azure Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), or our expert community, engage with us on Microsoft Q&A, Azure’s preferred destination for community support.

Development Azure Kinect on Azure

Azure subscribers can create and manage support requests in the Azure portal. One-on-one development support for Body Tracking, Sensor SDK, Speech device SDK, or Azure Cognitive Services is available for Azure subscribers with an Azure Support Plan associated with their subscription.

Azure Kinect on-premises or other cloud services

For technical support using Sensor SDK and Body Tracking SDK on-premises, open a ticket for professional support on Microsoft support portal.

Azure Kinect DK device

Before contacting hardware support, make sure that you have set up and updated Azure Kinect DK. To test if the device is working, use the Azure Kinect viewer. Find out more on our Azure Kinect DK help page. You may also want to check out our known issues and troubleshooting.

Get help with a device or sensor functionality, firmware updates, or purchasing options.

For more information on support offerings, learn more at Microsoft support for business.

EU Declarations of Conformity for Microsoft hardware products is here

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