Azure Lighthouse samples

The following table includes links to key Azure Resource Manager templates for Azure Lighthouse. These files and more can also be found in the Azure Lighthouse samples repository.

Onboard customers

We provide different templates to address specific onboarding scenarios. Choose the option that works best, and be sure to modify the parameter file to reflect your environment. For more info about how to use these files in your deployment, see Onboard a customer to Azure Lighthouse.

Template Description
subscription Onboard a customer's subscription to Azure Lighthouse. A separate deployment must be performed for each subscription.
rg and multi-rg Onboard one or more of a customer's resource groups to Azure Lighthouse. Use rg.json to onboard a single resource group, or multi-rg.json to onboard multiple resource groups within a subscription.
marketplace-delegated-resource-management If you've published a managed services offer to Azure Marketplace, you can optionally use this template to onboard resources for customers who have accepted the offer. The marketplace values in the parameters file must match the values that you used when publishing your offer.

To include eligible authorizations, select the corresponding template from the delegated-resource-management-eligible-authorizations section of our samples repo.

Typically, a separate deployment is required for each subscription being onboarded, but you can also deploy templates across multiple subscriptions.

Template Description
cross-subscription-deployment Deploy Azure Resource Manager templates across multiple subscriptions.


While you can't onboard an entire management group in one deployment, you can deploy a policy to onboard each subscription in a management group.

Azure Policy

These samples show how to use Azure Policy with subscriptions that have been onboarded to Azure Lighthouse.

Template Description
policy-add-or-replace-tag Assigns a policy that adds or removes a tag (using the modify effect) to a delegated subscription. For more info, see Deploy a policy that can be remediated within a delegated subscription.
policy-allow-certain-managing-tenants Assigns a policy restricting Azure Lighthouse delegations to specific managing tenants.
policy-audit-delegation Assigns a policy that will audit for delegation assignments.
policy-delegate-management-groups Assigns a policy to confirm that subscriptions within a management group have been delegated to a managing tenant, and if not, creates the assignment.
policy-enforce-keyvault-monitoring Assigns a policy that enables diagnostics on Azure Key Vault resources in a delegated subscriptions (using the deployIfNotExists effect). For more info, see Deploy a policy that can be remediated within a delegated subscription.
policy-enforce-sub-monitoring Assigns several policies to enable diagnostics on a delegated subscription, and connects all Windows & Linux VMs to the Log Analytics workspace created by the policy. For more info, see Deploy a policy that can be remediated within a delegated subscription.
policy-initiative Applies an initiative (multiple related policy definitions) to a delegated subscription.

Azure Monitor

These samples show how to use Azure Monitor to create alerts for subscriptions that have been onboarded to Azure Lighthouse.

Template Description
monitor-delegation-changes Queries the past day of activity in a managing tenant and reports on any added or removed delegations (or attempts that were not successful).
alert-using-actiongroup Creates an Azure alert and connects to an existing Action Group.
multiple-loganalytics-alerts Creates multiple log alerts based on Kusto queries.
delegation-alert-for-customer Deploys an alert in a tenant when a user delegates a subscription to a managing tenant.
workbook-activitylogs-by-domain Displays Azure Activity logs across subscriptions with an option to filter them by domain name.

Additional cross-tenant scenarios

These samples illustrate various tasks that can be performed in cross-tenant management scenarios.

Template Description
create-keyvault-secret Creates a Key Vault in the customer's tenant and creates access policies.
cross-rg-deployment Deploys storage accounts into two different resource groups.
deploy-azure-mgmt-services Creates Azure management services, links them together, and deploys additional solutions. For an end-to-end deployment, use the rgWithAzureMgmt.json template.
deploy-azure-security-center Enables and configures Microsoft Defender for Cloud within the targeted Azure subscription.
deploy-azure-sentinel Deploys and enables Microsoft Sentinel on an existing Log Analytics workspace in a delegated subscription.
deploy-log-analytics-vm-extensions Allows you to deploy Log Analytics VM extensions to your Windows & Linux VMs, connecting them to the designated Log Analytics workspace.

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