Azure Gateway Load Balancer partners

Azure has a growing ecosystem of partners offering their network appliances for use with Gateway Load Balancer.


A10 Networks

Screenshot of A10 Networks logo.

“Protecting enterprise workloads from DDoS attacks has become a must as organizations are migrating to the cloud alongside a rise in complexity, intensity, and frequency of attacks. With Azure Gateway Load Balancer, customers can now inject A10’s Thunder Virtual Appliance, on top of Azure’s DDoS Protection to offer improved L3-7 protection for latency sensitive workloads. Azure Gateway Load Balancer is setting a new precedent by simplifying the injection of L7 DDoS appliances in the path, providing transparent flow (bump in the wire) using an overlay network with low latency, preserving the health of the host as well as the NVAs during the DDoS attacks.”

John Hofdahl - Area Vice President, Cloud Service Provider Team

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Check Point

Screenshot of Check Point logo.

“Check Point CloudGuard Network Security now integrates with Azure Gateway Load Balancer, providing customers a simplified experience—enabling them to deploy, scale, and manage CloudGuard security gateways with ease. With this collaboration, CloudGuard users can deploy industry-leading advanced threat protection and traffic inspection, automated, everywhere and without any manual routing configuration.”

TJ Gonen - Head of Cloud Product Line at Check Point

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Screenshot of Cisco logo.

"Enabling Cisco Secure Firewall with Azure Gateway Load Balancer is a great opportunity for customers looking for scalable firewalls in their public cloud workloads. It is another great step towards harmonizing security across public cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Customers no longer have to worry about re-architecting with Azure Gateway Load Balancer – all you have to do is insert or remove Secure Firewall where you need it, for either incoming or outgoing traffic. We look forward to seeing customers benefit from reduced operational complexity, high availability, and rapid scalability.”

Justin Buchanan Sr. - Director, Product Management

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Screenshot of Citrix logo.

“The combination of the new Azure Gateway Load Balancer with Citrix ADCs provides unparalleled scalability, supporting services across multiple regions and making it simple to insert advanced Layer 7 features provided by the Citrix ADC platform including WAF, LB, CS, L7 DDoS, and bot protection. With Azure Gateway Load Balancer’s integration with Citrix ADCs, customers gain the flexibility of easily adding or removing network appliances as their needs evolve.”

Gopinath Durairaj - Sr. Director, Product Management

cPacket Networks

Screenshot of cPacket Networks logo.

"Together with Azure Gateway Load Balancer and the cPacket cCloud Visibility Suite, customers can quickly deploy scalable cloud observability for network-aware service assurance and security delivery. Customers now have the power to observe and troubleshoot application vs. network, connection, and security threat issues with load-balanced network traffic or even broker mirrored packet data to multiple destinations."

Brendan O’Flaherty - CEO

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Screenshot of F5 logo.

“With Azure Gateway Load Balancer integration, organizations can easily consume application security and delivery solutions provided by F5. App teams can seamlessly enable sophisticated BIG-IP traffic protection with just one click or API call. Through a growing set of integrations, F5 and Microsoft customers can better secure and protect their infrastructure with F5 BIG-IP and Azure Gateway Load Balancer.”

Nicolas Ménant - Director, Product Management Automation & Ecosystems

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Screenshot of Fortinet logo.

“Securing your data and applications with Fortinet in Azure is easier than ever now that Azure Gateway Load Balancer supports transparent service chaining. With the combination of FortiGate-VM and Azure GWLB, all traffic destined to customer networks can be inspected before reaching their backend application, with high scalability and without introducing any management overhead in both existing and greenfield environments.”

Ali Bidabadi - Senior Director, Global Cloud Consulting & Architecture

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Screenshot of Glasnostic logo.

“Glasnostic is proud to be a partner for Azure Gateway Load Balancer. With Azure’s new Gateway Load Balancer, using Glasnostic to make applications reliable and secure couldn’t be any easier. Adding Glasnostic as an NVA to your Azure deployments provides you instantly with the holistic visibility and control you need to optimize performance, maximize reliability and enforce security.”

Tobias Kunze - Co-founder & CEO

Palo Alto Networks

Screenshot of Palo Alto Networks logo.

“As organizations move towards the cloud, networking security has become an essential aspect of managing and scaling applications. We’re excited to empower our customers with the ability to help protect their Azure deployments with our collaboration. Palo Alto Networks’ integration of VM-Series virtual firewalls with Azure Gateway Load Balancer protects your workloads from network-based threats, all while maintaining the integrity of traffic packet headers and payload."

Mukesh Gupta - VP, Product Management, Software Firewalls (VM-Series/CN-Series)

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Trend Micro

Screenshot of Trend Micro logo.

“As a partner for Azure Gateway Load Balancer, we’re excited to provide layered security that easily integrates with your existing architectures. Deep packet inspection, log files, and transparent integration are just a few of the features that chaining Trend Micro Cloud One – Network Security with Azure Gateway Load Balancer can provide for your applications.”

Blake Sutherland - Vice President

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Screenshot of Valtix logo.

“Azure Gateway Load Balancer makes it easy for our customers to protect their outbound traffic by deploying Valtix Gateways in the traffic path, without any manual route configuration. With this collaboration, Valtix Gateways can be service chained to Azure Gateway Load Balancer to provide advanced network security with just one-click. Customers can now actually focus on security with dynamic tag-based policies rather than spend lots of time on deployment.”

Jigar Shah - Vice President of Products

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