Monitor Azure Load Testing data reference

Learn about the data and resources collected by Azure Monitor from your Azure load testing instance. See Monitor Azure Load Testing for details on collecting and analyzing monitoring data.

Resource logs

This section lists the types of resource logs you can collect for Azure Load Testing.

Operational logs

Operational log entries include elements listed in the following table:

Name Description
TimeGenerated Date and time when the record was created
RequestMethod HTTP Method of the API request
HttpStatusCode HTTP status code of the API response
CorrelationId Unique identifier to be used to correlate logs
RequestId Unique identifier to be used to correlate request logs
Identity JSON structure containing information about the caller
RequestBody Request body of the API calls
ResourceRegion Region where the resource is located
ServiceLocation Location of the service which processed the request
RequestUri URI of the API request
OperationId Operation identifier for rest api
OperationName Name of the operation attempted on the resource
ResultType Indicates if the request was successful or failed
DurationMs Amount of time it took to process request in milliseconds
CallerIpAddress IP Address of the client that submitted the request
FailureDetails Details of the error in case if request is failed
UserAgent HTTP header passed by the client, if applicable
OperationVersion Request api version

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