View metrics for workflow health and performance in Azure Logic Apps

Applies to: Azure Logic Apps (Consumption + Standard)

This guide shows how you can check the health and performance for both Consumption and Standard logic app workflows.


  • An Azure account and subscription. If you don't have a subscription, sign up for a free Azure account.

  • A Consumption workflow or Standard workflow that is running or has run at least once

Find and view metrics

  1. In the Azure portal, open your logic app resource.

  2. On the logic app resource menu, under Monitoring, select Metrics.

    The Metrics page shows the following lists: Scope, Metric Namespace, and Metric.

  3. Make sure that Scope is set to your Consumption logic app name and that Metric Namespace is set to Logic app standard metrics.

  4. Open the Metric list to view the available metrics for your workflow.

    Screenshot showing Azure portal, Consumption logic app resource menu with Metrics selected, and the Metric list opened.

    For more information about Consumption workflow metrics, see Supported metrics with Azure Monitor - Microsoft.Logic/workflows.

  5. From the Metric list, select the metric that you want to review. From the Aggregation list, select the option for how you want to group the metric's values: Count, Avg, Min, Max, or Sum.

Next steps