Azure Machine Learning compute instance image release notes

In this article, learn about Azure Machine Learning compute instance image releases. Azure Machine Learning maintains host operating system images for Azure Machine Learning compute instance and Data Science Virtual Machines. Due to the rapidly evolving needs and package updates, we target to release new images every month.

Azure Machine Learning checks and validates any machine learning packages that may require an upgrade. Updates incorporate the latest OS-related patches from Canonical as the original Linux OS publisher. In addition to patches applied by the original publisher, Azure Machine Learning updates system packages when updates are available. For details on the patching process, see Vulnerability Management.

Main updates provided with each image version are described in the below sections.

January 19, 2023

Version: 23.01.19

Main changes:

  • Added new conda environment jupyter-env
  • Moved Jupyter service to new jupyter-env┬áconda environment
  • Azure Machine Learning SDK to version 1.48.0

Main environment specific updates:

  • Added azureml-fsspec package to Azureml_py310_sdkv2
  • CUDA support resolved for azureml_py38CUDA
  • CUDA support resolved for azureml_py38_PT_TF

September 22, 2022

Version 22.09.22

Main changes:

  • .Net Framework to version 3.1.423
  • Azure Cli to version 2.40.0
  • Conda to version 4.14.0
  • Azure Machine Learning SDK to version 1.45.0

Main environment specific updates:


  • azureml-core to version 1.45.0
  • tensorflow-gpu to version 2.2.1

August 19, 2022

Version 22.08.19

Main changes:

  • Base OS level image updates.

July 22, 2022

Version 22.07.22

Main changes:

  • Azcopy to version 10.16.0
  • Blob Fuse to version 1.4.4