Work with a data labeling vendor company

Learn how to engage a data labeling vendor company to help you label your data. Learn more about these companies, and the labeling services they provide, in their Azure Marketplace listing pages.

Workflow summary

Before you create your data labeling project:

  1. Select a labeling service provider. To find a provider on Azure Marketplace:

    1. Review the listing details of these vendor labeling companies.
    2. If the vendor labeling company meets your requirements, choose the Contact Me option in Azure Marketplace. Azure Marketplace will route your inquiry to the vendor labeling company. You may contact multiple vendor labeling companies before choosing the final company.
  2. Contact and enter into a contract with the labeling service provider.

Once you have the contract with the vendor labeling company in place:

  1. Create the labeling project in the Azure Machine Learning studio. To learn more about project creation, see how to create an image labeling project or text labeling project.

  2. You're not limited the data labeling providers listed in the Azure Marketplace. However, if you do use a provider from the Azure Marketplace:

    1. Select Use a vendor labeling company from Azure Marketplace in the workforce step.
    2. Select the appropriate data labeling company in the dropdown.


    You cannot change the vendor labeling company name after you create the labeling project.

  3. For any provider, found through Azure Marketplace or somewhere else, use Azure Role Based Access (RBAC) to enable access (labeler role, techlead role) to the vendor labeling company. These roles will allow the company to access resources to annotate your data.

Select a company

Microsoft has identified some labeling service providers, with knowledge and experience, who can potentially meet your needs. Taking into account the needs and requirements of your project(s), you can learn about the labeling service providers, and choose a provider, in the provider listing pages at the Azure Marketplace.


You can learn more about these companies, and the labeling services they provide, in their listing pages in Azure Marketplace. You are responsible for any decision to use a labeling company that offers services through Azure Marketplace, and you should independently assess whether a labeling company and its experience, services, staffing, terms, etc. will meet your project requirements. You may contact a labeling company that offers services through Azure Marketplace using the Contact me option in Azure Marketplace, and you can expect to hear from a contacted company within three business days. You will contract with and make payment to the labeling company directly.

Microsoft periodically reviews the list of potential labeling service providers in Azure Marketplace and may add or remove providers from the list at any time.

  • If a provider is removed, it won't affect any existing projects, or the access of that company to those projects.
  • If you use a provider who is no longer listed in Azure Marketplace, don't select the Use a vendor labeling company from Azure Marketplace option in your new project.
  • A removed provider will no longer have a listing in Azure Marketplace.
  • A removed provider will no longer be able to be contacted through Azure Marketplace.

You can engage multiple vendor labeling companies for various labeling project needs. Each project will be linked to one vendor labeling company.

Below are vendor labeling companies who might help in getting your data labeled using Azure Machine Learning data labeling services. View the listing of vendor companies.

Enter into a contract

After you select the labeling company you want to work with, you must enter into a contract directly with that labeling company, setting forth the terms of your engagement. Microsoft is not a party to this agreement, and plays no role in determining or negotiating its terms. Amounts payable under this agreement will be paid directly to the labeling company.

If you enable ML Assisted labeling in a labeling project, Microsoft will charge you separately for the compute resources consumed in connection with this service. The terms of your agreement with Microsoft govern all other charges associated with your use of Azure Machine Learning (for example, storage of data used in your Azure Machine Learning workspace).

Enable access

In order for the vendor labeling company to have access to your project resources, you'll next add them as labelers to your project. If you plan to use multiple vendor labeling companies for different labeling projects, we recommend that you create separate workspaces for each company.


You, and not Microsoft, are responsible for all aspects of your engagement with a labeling company, including but not limited to issues involving scope, quality, schedule, and pricing.

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