Get report queries API

The Get report queries API gets all queries that are available for use in reports. It gets all the system and user-defined queries by default.

Request syntax

Method Request URI

Request header

Header Type Description
Authorization string Required. The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) access token in the form Bearer <token>
Content-Type string Application/JSON

Path parameter


Query parameter

Parameter name Type Required Description
queryId string No Filter to get details of only queries with the ID given in the argument
queryName string No Filter to get details of only queries with the name given in the argument
IncludeSystemQueries boolean No Include predefined system queries in the response
IncludeOnlySystemQueries boolean No Include only system queries in the response

Request payload





The response payload is structured as follows:

Response code: 200, 400, 401, 403, 404, 500

Response payload:

  "Value": [
      "QueryId": "string",
      "Name": "string",
      "Description": "string",
      "Query": "string",
      "Type": "string",
      "User": "string",
      "CreatedTime": "string",
      "ModifiedTime": "string"
  "TotalCount": 0,
  "Message": "string",
  "StatusCode": 0


This table describes the key definitions of elements in the response.

Parameter Description
QueryId Unique UUID of the query
Name Name given to the query at the time of query creation
Description Description given during creation of the query
Query Report query string
Type Set to userDefined for user created queries and system for predefined system queries
User User ID who created the query
CreatedTime Time of creation of query
TotalCount Number of datasets in the Value array
StatusCode Result Code. The possible values are 200, 400, 401, 403, 500