Sell an Azure Application offer

This article describes additional options you can choose if you’re selling your Azure Application offer through Microsoft. You can co-sell your offer with Microsoft, resell it through the Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) program, or both.

Co-sell with Microsoft

Providing information on the Co-sell with Microsoft tab is entirely optional. But it’s required to achieve Co-sell Ready and IP Co-sell Ready status. The Microsoft sales teams use this information to learn more about your solution when evaluating its fit for customer needs. The information you provide on this tab isn't available directly to customers.

For details and instructions to configure the Co-sell with Microsoft tab, see Co-sell option in the commercial marketplace.

Resell through CSPs

If you elect to make your offer available in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, CSPs can sell your product as part of a bundled solution to their customers. For more information about reselling your offer through the CSP program and step-by-step instructions to configure the Resell through CSPs tab, see Cloud Solution Provider program.

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