Cloud Partner Portal API Reference


The Cloud Partner Portal APIs are integrated with and will continue working in Partner Center. The transition introduces small changes. Review the Changes to CPP APIs listed in this document to ensure your code continues working after transitioning to Partner Center. CPP APIs should only be used for existing products that were already integrated before transition to Partner Center; new products should use Partner Center submission APIs.

The Cloud Partner Portal REST APIs allow the programmatic retrieval and manipulation of workloads, offers, and publisher profiles. The APIs use Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) to enforce correct permissions at processing time.

This reference provides the technical details for the Cloud Partner Portal REST APIs. The payload samples in this document are for reference only and are subject to change as new functionality is added.

Prerequisites and considerations

Before using the APIs, you should review:

  • The Prerequisites article to learn how to add a service principal to your account, and get an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) access token for authentication.
  • The two concurrency control strategies available for calling these APIs.
  • Additional API considerations, such as versioning and error handling.

Changes to CPP APIs after the migration to Partner Center

API Change description Impact
POST Publish, GoLive, Cancel For migrated offers, the response header will have a different format but will continue to work in the same way, denoting a relative path to retrieve the operation status. When sending any of the corresponding POST requests for an offer, the Location header will have one of two format depending on the migration status of the offer:
  • Non-migrated offers
  • Migrated offers
GET Operation For offer types that previously supported 'notification-email' field in the response, this field will be deprecated and no longer returned for migrated offers. For migrated offers, we'll no longer send notifications to the list of emails specified in the requests. Instead, the API service will align with the notification email process in Partner Center to send emails. Specifically, notifications will be sent to the email address set in the Seller contact info section of your Account settings in Partner Center, to notify you of operation progress.

Please review the email address set in the Seller contact info section of your Account settings in Partner Center to ensure the correct email is provided for notifications.

Common tasks

This reference details APIs to perform the following common tasks.



Publish an app

Other tasks