Configure Power BI visual offer properties

The Properties page lets you define the categories used to group your offer on Microsoft AppSource, the legal contracts that support your offer, and support documentation.


Select up to two Categories for grouping your offer into the appropriate marketplace search areas. This table shows the categories that are available for Power BI visuals.

Category Description
Change over time These visuals are used to display the changing trend of measures over time.
Comparison These visuals are used to compare categories by their measures.
Correlation These visuals show the degree to which two or more variables are correlated.
Distribution These visuals show how the values of a variable are distributed.
Flow These visuals show the dynamic relationships, or flow between variables.
Infographics These visuals present information graphically, so it's easier to understand.
Maps Visualize your data in map form.
Part-to-Whole These visuals are used to display the parts of a variable in relation to the whole.
R visuals These visuals require R script to run.
KPI These visuals are used to display key performance indicators.
Filters Narrow down the data within a report by using filters.
Narratives Use narratives to tell a story with text and data.
Other More specialized visuals to discover.


Select up to two Industries which will be used to display your offer when customers filter their search on industries in the online store. This table shows the industries available for Power BI visuals.

Defense & Intelligence
Financial Services
Hospitality & Travel
Media & Communications
Nonprofit & IGO
Professional services

Provide terms and conditions for your offer. You have two options:

To learn about the standard contract, see Standard Contract for the Microsoft commercial marketplace or download the Standard Contract PDF (make sure your pop-up blocker is off).

Use the standard contract

To simplify the procurement process for customers and reduce legal complexity for software vendors, Microsoft offers a standard contract you can use for your offers in the commercial marketplace. When you offer your software under the standard contract, customers only need to read and accept it one time, and you don't have to create custom terms and conditions.

  1. Select the Use the Standard Contract... check box.

    Illustrates the Use the Standard Contract for Microsoft's commercial marketplace check box.

  2. In the Confirmation dialog box, select Accept. Depending on the size of your screen, you may have to scroll up to see it.


    After you publish an offer using the Standard Contract for the commercial marketplace, you can't use your own custom terms and conditions. Either offer your solution under the standard contract with optional amendments or under your own terms and conditions.

  3. Go to Privacy policy link.

Use your own terms and conditions

You may provide your own terms and conditions instead of using the standard contract, or use our EULA specific for Power BI visual offers. Customers must accept these terms before they can try your offer.

  1. Clear the Use the Standard Contract... check box.
  2. In the EULA field, enter a single web address for your terms and conditions. Or, point to the Power BI visuals contract at (PDF). Either will display as an active link in AppSource.

Enter the link (URL) to your organization's privacy policy. You are responsible for ensuring your app complies with privacy laws and regulations, and for providing a valid privacy policy.

This link will be visible to users on AppSource. Include http:// or https:// in the URL.

Select Save draft before continuing to the next tab in the left-nav menu, Offer listing.

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