What's new in the Microsoft commercial marketplace

Learn about important updates in the commercial marketplace program of Partner Center. This page is updated regularly, so be sure to check back!

New features

Category Description Date
Offers ISVs can now publish 1-year and 3-year prices for their Virtual Machine plans to let customers save money when they commit for a long-term agreement. To learn more, see Plan a virtual machine offer. 2022-08-24
Offers Software as a service (SaaS) plans now support 2-year and 3-year billing term with upfront, monthly or annually payment options. To learn more, see Plan a SaaS offer for the commercial marketplace. 2022-08-01
Offers ISVs can now offer custom prices, terms, conditions, and pricing for a specific customer through private offers. See ISV to customer private offers and the FAQ. 2022-04-06
Offers Publishers can now change transactable offer and plan pricing without having to discontinue an offer and recreate it with new pricing (also see this FAQ). 2022-03-30
Offers An ISV can now specify time-bound margins for CSP partners to incentivize them to sell it to their customers. When their partner makes a sale to a customer, Microsoft will pay the ISV the wholesale price. See ISV to CSP Partner private offers and the FAQs. 2022-02-15
Analytics We added a new Customer Retention Dashboard that provides vital insights into customer retention and engagement. See the FAQ article. 2022-02-15
Analytics We added a Quality of Service (QoS) report query to the List of system queries used in the Create Report API. 2022-01-27
Offers Added a Revenue Dashboard to Partner Center, including a revenue report, sample queries, and FAQs page. 2021-12-08
Offers Container and container apps offers can now use the Microsoft Standard Contract. 2021-11-02
Offers Private plans for SaaS offers are now available on AppSource. 2021-10-06
Offers In Set up an Azure Marketplace subscription for hosted test drives, for Set up for Dynamics 365 apps on Dataverse and Power Apps, we added a new method to remove users from your Azure tenant. 2021-10-01
Offers Setup and maintenance of Power BI Visuals is migrating from the Office Store to the commercial marketplace this month. This FAQ provides a summary of improvements to the offer submission process. To start, see Plan a Power BI visual offer. 2021-09-21
Offers While private plans were previously only available on the Azure portal, they are now also available on Microsoft AppSource. 2021-09-10
Analytics Publishers of Azure application offers can view offer deployment health in the Quality of service (QoS) reports. QoS helps publishers understand the reasons for offer deployment failures and provides actionable insights for their remediation. For details, see Quality of service (QoS) dashboard. 2021-09-07
Policy The SaaS customer refund window is now 72 hours for all offers. 2021-09-01

Tax updates

Category Description Date
Taxation Updated the Tax details for Brazil, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, and Vietnam. 2022-04-01
Taxation - Kenya, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan were moved from the Publisher/Developer managed list to the End-customer taxation with differences in marketplace list to show the difference in treatment between the two Marketplaces.
- Rwanda and Qatar were added to the Publisher/Developer managed countries list.
- Barbados was moved from the Publisher/Developer managed countries list to Microsoft Managed country list.
Payouts We've updated the external tax form page, including instructions on how to reconcile 1099-k forms; see questions about tax forms at Understand IRS tax forms issued by Microsoft. 2022-01-06
Taxation Nigeria and Thailand are now Microsoft-managed countries in Azure Marketplace. 2021-09-13

Documentation updates

Category Description Date
Policy We've updated the Microsoft Publisher Agreement. For change history, see Change history for Microsoft Publisher Agreement version 8.0 – Octrober 2022 update. 2022-09-14
Policy We've updated the Microsoft Publisher Agreement. For change history, see Change history for Microsoft Publisher Agreement version 8.0 – May 2022 update. 2022-04-15
Offers Added new articles to lead you step-by-step through the process of testing a SaaS offer. 2022-03-30
Payouts We updated the payment schedule for Payout schedules and processes. 2022-01-19
Analytics Added questions and answers to the Commercial marketplace analytics FAQ, such as enrolling in the commercial marketplace, where to create a marketplace offer, getting started with programmatic access to commercial marketplace analytics reports, and more. 2022-01-07
Offers Added a new article, Troubleshooting Private Plans in the commercial marketplace. 2021-12-13
Offers We have updated the names of Dynamics 365 offer types:

-Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement & PowerApps is now Dynamics 365 apps on Dataverse and Power Apps
- Dynamics 365 for operations is now Dynamics 365 Operations Apps
- Dynamics 365 business central is now Dynamics 365 Business Central
Policy We’ve created an FAQ topic to answer publisher questions about the Microsoft Publisher Agreement. 2021-09-27
Policy We've updated the Microsoft Publisher Agreement. For change history, see Microsoft Publisher Agreement Version 8.0 – October 2021 Update. 2021-09-14
Policy Updated certification policy for September; see change history. 2021-09-10
Offers New article describes the quality of offer deployments reporting available on the Quality of Service dashboard. 2021-08-27
Offers We moved the list of categories and industries from our Marketing Best Practices topic to their own page. 2021-08-20
Offers The Commercial marketplace transact capabilities topic now includes a flowchart to help you determine the appropriate transactable offer type and pricing plan to sell your software in the commercial marketplace. 2021-08-18
Policy Updated certification policy; see change history. 2021-08-06