Azure Media Player localization

Multiple language support allows for users of non-English locales to natively interact with the player. Azure Media Player will instantiate with a global dictionary of languages, which will localize the error messages based on the page language. A developer can also create a player instance with a forced set language. The default language is English (en).


This feature is still going through some testing and as such is subject to bugs.

    <video id="vid1" class="azuremediaplayer amp-default-skin" data-setup='{"language":"es"}'>...</video>

Azure Media Player currently supports the following languages with their corresponding language codes:

Language Code Language Code Language Code
English {default} en Croatian hr Romanian ro
Arabic ar Hungarian hu Slovak sk
Bulgarian bg Indonesian id Slovene sl
Catalan ca Icelandic is Serbian - Cyrillic sr-cyrl-cs
Czech cs Italian it Serbian - Latin sr-latn-rs
Danish da Japanese ja Russian ru
German de Kazakh kk Swedish sv
Greek el Korean ko Thai th
Spanish es Lithuanian lt Tagalog tl
Estonian et Latvian lv Turkish tr
Basque eu Malaysian ms Ukrainian uk
Farsi fa Norwegian - Bokmål nb Urdu ur
Finnish fi Dutch nl Vietnamese vi
French fr Norwegian - Nynorsk nn Chinese - simplified zh-hans
Galician gl Polish pl Chinese - traditional zh-hant
Hebrew he Portuguese - Brazil pt-br
Hindi hi Portuguese - Portugal pt-pt


If you do not want any localization to occur you must force the language to English