Streaming Locators

To make videos in the output Asset available to clients for playback, you have to create a Streaming Locator and then build streaming URLs. To build a URL, you need to concatenate the Streaming Endpoint host name and the Streaming Locator path.

The process of creating a Streaming Locator is called publishing. By default, the Streaming Locator is valid immediately after you make the API calls, and lasts until it is deleted, unless you configure the optional start and end times.

When creating a Streaming Locator, you must specify an Asset name and a Streaming Policy name. For more information, see the following topics:

You can also specify the start and end time on your Streaming Locator, which will only let your user play the content between these times (for example, between 5/1/2022 to 5/5/2022).


  • Streaming Locators are not updatable.
  • Properties of Streaming Locators that are of the Datetime type are always in UTC format.
  • You should design a limited set of policies for your Media Service account and reuse them for your Streaming Locators whenever the same options are needed. For more information, see Quotas and limits.

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